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Why you should Visit Labadi Beach

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful nation with numerous good-looking treasures. The Atlantic Ocean borders the southern section of Ghana. Accra is the most toured city in Ghana because of its various tourist attractions and fascinating features, such as Labadi Beach.

Labadi Beach is situated in the capital city of Ghana. The beach is also well known as La Pleasure Beach. It is among the most preferred beaches and commonly visited beaches in Ghana. Touring this beach involves experiencing the vivacity and lively environment of this nation. It is an excellent sandy beach surrounded by local restaurants, snack bars, and hotels, and therefore it is a suitable place for tourists to reside during their holiday in Accra.

Labadi Beach is the busiest beach along the Ghanaian coast. The beach is maintained by one of the local hotels in Accra City. Regardless of whether you are planning to spend your time at the hotels, you must pay an entrance fee to access the services of this beach. Tourists not only visit Labadi Beach to enjoy themselves and refresh but also go to work out, especially on the weekends.

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Labadi is a prominent beach where you can experience and enjoy the most amazing morning and evening views. Besides, the beach has various lively beachside events that make the beach exemptional hence the most visited beach in Ghana. Labadi beach has a clean beachfront, and it offers a wonderful urban beach experience, great music, and well-prepared traditional foods. It is a cool environment for interacting with friends and even making new ones.

During sunsets, the sea sparkles, and the sky conveys all the stylish hues of nature. Tourists can take some incredible pictures whenever they feel mesmerized, or they want to capture some memories. Several artists perform local songs and dance at the beach during weekends and weekday evenings. Cultural drumming is among the most interesting activities which are done at this beach.

Surfing is among the key activities that attract most tourists to Labadi Beach. Labadi Beach has dependable surf due to its location. Although Surfing can be done at any time of the year, there is the recommended time to go surfing. The seaward winds blow from north to northwest. Most of the surf here originates from waves, and the best swell direction is from the south. Surfs at the beach break both left and right.

Reliable, clean waves determine the best time to go surfing on this beach. The best time for surfing at Labadi Beach is during Winter, while the recommended month of the year is January. During this time, the waves are clean; they swell with light. The clean surfable waves are normally found thirteen percent of the time in January, and eighty-seven percent of the waves tend to be blown out. Most surfers see it as too small, but most learners and tutors are still okay during this time. Before surfing at Labadi beach, it is good to consider the weather and season to get the best experience.

The Perfect Time to visit Labadi Beach

Most regions in Ghana, including Labadi Beach, experience a tropical and hot, humid climate due to Ghana’s proximity to the Equator. If you plan to visit the famous Labadi Beach, then the best time to schedule your visit is between October and March. During this time, the weather is very favorable, and tourists can comfortably explore the beautiful Beach.

The weather is suitable and enjoyable from October to the end of March; cool winds characterize it, a reduced amount of humid and minimal rainfalls. During this period, most hotels around this Beach offer affordable services, such as impending seasonal deals, among other deals to motivate tourists to travel to this place. The weather allows visitors to experience the exciting environment and other amazing activities around the beach.

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