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Why you should visit the Aburi region in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Aburi is situated in the Eastern region of Ghana, one of the most visited regions in Ghana. It is a beautiful place with historic sceneries, old architecture, and unique cultures. Aburi is a famous tourist destination with exciting things you can do during your visit. The best tourist sites in Aburi are;

Aburi Craft Village

The Aburi Craft village started as a small trade centre over thirty years ago in one of Mallam Gyekyi’s homes. Craft Nana Asabre Bempoe is the founder and director of this craft village. He established Aburi Craft Village to improve the living standards of the people living around this place by offering jobs in the craft. The craft village is growing at a very fast pace as a historical destination in west Africa. Although the Aburi Craft village is a famous tourist destination for its modern and resourceful artefacts, tourists still visit this place for cultural and historical purposes.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Shai Hills Resource Reserve is situated to the north of the great Accra. It is approximately one hour drive from Accra to this reserve. It is advisable to visit this reserve by private means of transport because it is more convenient. Shai Hills Resource Reserve has numerous animal species, such as bushbucks, monkeys, antelopes, and many more. The morning hours are the best time to spot most of the animals in this reserve. Besides, you can see the Obonu tem and Se yo caves on the Hioweyo and Sayu hills during your visit to this reserve.

If you are looking for an ideal camping place in the Eastern region of Ghana, Shai Hills reserve is the place to go. Most tourists like spending the nights in comfortable tents and even camp for days to explore this region fully. It is a leading tourist destination site that is worth your visit.

Aburi-Obosomase Waterfalls

Obosomase waterfalls is one of the popular tourist sites in Aburi. It is situated approximately one hundred and fifty meters from Aburi Town. Aburi-Obosomase Waterfalls has a great potential to attract more tourists once a private sector invests in the development of this region. Good management and investment plan of the Obosomase Waterfalls can improve its ranking to compete with other famous waterfalls in Ghana that attract many tourists. It is a spectacular location that offers a scenic natural setting, and it will be a crucial source of income for Ghanaian citizens when the governments invest here.

Aburi Mountains

Aburi mountains are situated in a spectacular environment, and it is one of the most preferred sites for group tours. By visiting this mountain, you get to meet people from other regions and countries and interact with them. Additionally, this is the ideal place to cut down your calories if you are on a weight loss journey. It is fun and memorable to climb this mountain because you will meet other people who will challenge you to climb to the top, which is not easy. Most people get tired before reaching this mountain’s peak, so climbing to the top will be an achievement.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

The Aburi Botanical gardens is home to various animal species and plants. It is an excellent place to relax and meditate. These gardens are situated near the coastal region of Ghana, and its weather is exceptionally favorable for tourists. The Aburi Botanical gardens attract a significant number of local and international tourists every year. Tourists like taking pictures at the garden’s entrance next to the gorgeous royal palm trees. Besides, there are numerous traditional medicinal herbs, silk-cotton trees, and the sole remnant of the ancient forest. It is an excellent destination for romantic picnics, wedding receptions, and photoshoots.

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