Home Politics Jean Mensa is currently trending online-2020 Elections.

Jean Mensa is currently trending online-2020 Elections.

by The Ghana HIT

After announcing the incoming president of Ghana, Jean Mensa is trending on every social media platform. At around 6:00 GMT, the EC chairperson declared Nana Addo Akufo as the elected president of the Ghana Republic. During the 8th elections in the 4th Republic, the incoming president got 6730413 votes which equate to 51.95%, while John Mahama got 6214889 votes (47%).

Some citizens of Ghana have congratulated Jean Mensa for being brave enough to announce the incumbent president despite all the controversies. Furthermore, a group of females is proud of her because she has represented her Gender very well.

On the Twitter platform, someone’s tweet read, “The Kente fabric the EC chairwoman Jean Mensa wore today is called Nyakonton [ God’s eye or rainbow]. It signifies beauty and uniqueness. The chairwoman exploring her beauty with the brain in a unique way.”

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