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Reasons you Should Be Careful while Participating in Watersports in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is known for its vibrant beach culture and the many exciting watersports. Swimming and surfing are the most amazing and leading watersports that many people enjoy participating in. Labadi Beach, Busua beach resort, and Ada Foah are among the most preferred shores in Ghana. Ghana is a preferred watersports destination in West Africa, with beautiful beaches where tourists can relax and have fun during their vacation. Reports indicate that a large percentage of Visitors prefer swimming not far out due to the many dangers associated with the deep areas.

The shores outside central Accra are generally less crowded and are rarely littered, unlike most beaches in Accra city. Although Accra features some luxurious and clean beaches, plastic pollution is more dominant in this city.

There are a couple of beautiful beaches in Ghana that guarantee great and memorable experiences during your vacation in Ghana. Parties, music, cocktails, sunbathing, and cocktails are among the leading beach activities that most tourists enjoy in Ghana.

Ghana participates in the international surf day contest, which takes place each year, and features more than thirty countries worldwide. These contests are coordinated with other exciting beach activities, including awareness of shore protection, barbecue breaks, beach cleanups, film screenings, and additional sea habit awareness.

The Ghanaian coastline has various hidden dangers that all tourists should be aware of. The main risks associated with the sea include;
1) Strong Waves
Some locations along the Ghanaian coast experience extremely strong waves, which can be dangerous. Although some areas do not experience strong waves, a large percentage of the Ghanaian coast experiences some extreme waves. Young people should never be allowed to swim at the beach alone without any guidance from an adult.

Statistics indicate that most people drown during the peak season, which resulted in the establishment of a rescue unit. The primary goal of this team is to rescue all the beaches across the Ghanaian coastline equipped with simple lifebuoys. The rescue team comprises military personnel, volunteers, and firefighters who work harmoniously to ensure safety at the beaches.

2) Pollution
Pollution is still a problem facing many Ghanaian beaches despite the management working tirelessly hard to curb this issue. There are several diseases that can be conducted by swimming in contaminated water. Statistics indicate that Ghana suffers a financial burden of approximately two hundred and ninety thousand million annually. The tourism management has been working hard to construct sanitation areas around the beaches to ensure that the beaches stay remain clean. Most social organizations have come together to ensure proper waste management and safety for all people having fun at the beaches.
Most Surfing beaches in Ghana are outside Accra city. Kokrobite is one of Ghana’s famous spots where learners and experts go to have fun. It is advisable to go surf under the guidance of someone familiar with the coastline waves to avoid any dangers associated with strong tides. Kokrobite Carvers is a team from Kokrobite and the neighboring regions. Busua is an official surfing beach and home to Ahanta waves in Ghana.

Most tourists travel to relax and have fun at the Ghanaian coastline, so they are concerned about the status of all leisure spots. The tourism authority of Ghana, in partnership with other partners, is working cordially to ensure that the environment is in good condition and does not harm anyone traveling to enjoy themselves. If you plan to travel to Ghana for any water sports, you are guaranteed safety at the beaches and other entertainment spots. Tourists should be cautious when participating in water sports to avoid dangers.

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