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The #GlobalCitizenFestival 2022 Delivered an Entertainment Dose for Everyone

by Ghana HIT

Once again, Ghana proved it is one of Africa’s leading entertainment hubs. For starters, #GlobalCitizenFestival was one of the best-organized festivals ever.

All stakeholders seemed to have been well prepared, and everything was planned to every minute detail. Also, the performances were at another level.

There was a dose of entertainment for everyone. Stoneboy was there to unleash his many hits that everybody was singing along to. And then there was Usher’s performance with his hits from back in the day; for the older generation, he was the festival’s highlight.

The festival set the bar quite high. Anything coming up soon has very high standards to live up to!

The Global Citizen Festival 2022 raised 2.4 BILLION to help with extreme poverty. Read more here https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/global-citizen-festival-2022-impact/

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