Home Diaspora Ghanaians in Diaspora have participated in the #FixTheCountry Campaign.

Ghanaians in Diaspora have participated in the #FixTheCountry Campaign.

by The Ghana HIT

The Citizens of Ghana who live in London staged outside Ghana High Commission in London to hold the #FixTheCountry Campaign. The scope and the impact of the #FixTheCountry seem to be growing each day.
#FixTheCountry Campaigns is scheduled to take place on August 4, 2021, in Ghana. Some Ghanaian Citizens based in London hold peaceful demonstrations to express their disapproval of the governance of Ghana.

Some participators of the #FixTheCountry Demo UK posted videos of the protest exercise. The videos presented the protestors in Ghana colors holding posters and chanting.

The protestors were in two groups on opposite sides of the streets. One group was for the demonstration and the other was for the people who support the government.

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