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The Top Jobs Created by Digital Economy in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Technology has impacted the employment sector positively by creating new jobs and roles for a wide pool of qualified candidates. The leading occupations that Digital Economy has created include;

Business Intelligence Manager

A business Intelligence Manager is well-equipped with knowledge in mathematics, computer engineering, and money matters. They are aware of how to use data extraction, statistical models, and business intelligence tools to extract some key statistical information. They are in charge of constructing data analysis tools and reporting to the company management team. Many strategic decisions rely on whatever the business intelligence managers provide.

Web Analyst

Many companies have created websites to let their clients know more about them; besides, the company can communicate with their clients through direct messages, reviews, and many other ways. Web analysts extract the data from the web analysis tool to help organizations handle their customers well. Many organizations have employed web analysis tools so as to respond accurately to their client’s wants and offer quality services based on their requirements. The qualifications of a web Analyst include possessing analytical skills, digital and marketing knowledge, statistical knowledge, and being goal-oriented. They should be able to obtain accurate figures.

Growth Hacking Manager

This is one of the best careers in today’s world, and their salaries are very lucrative. Growth hacking involves increasing the number of a firm’s customers, the general income and impacts as quickly as possible using little company costs and resources. A growth hacking manager should be well informed about all trends and behaviors of the organization’s target audience so they can help them implement the strategies to cope with any changes. Besides, the manager helps organizations design commodities that are capable of going viral.

Consumer Experience Manager

The consumer Experience manager should confirm the consumer sale experience and build customer trust. An administration and business manager also delivers the roles of consumer Experience Manager to any organization. It is a requirement for these managers to be well-equipped with sufficient knowledge in customer relationship management and analysis and solid capacity in communication and relations. The manager works with several committees at different levels of the company, and therefore they should be able to convince all the teams to adopt the strategies and plans he puts on the table. Many companies are aware of the significance of these employees in their companies, and they are currently in high demand because their impact is huge on customer loyalty.

E-recruitment Manager

An E-recruitment manager offers all the services the human resource department offers digitally. They are well-equipped with personal management and human resource skills and can impeccably use all digital tools. They should be able to identify the ideal candidate from online platforms. They do not have direct contact with the potential candidates in person. They are responsible for online research using all available digital means so as to offer the perfect candidates to the organization. LinkedIn is one of the leading online platforms where companies search for candidates. Your experience determines the amount of money you earn annually, but the salaries are lucrative.

Digital Analyst

Various digital companies rely on online measurement tools to collect data, but they need a digital analyst so as to interpret everything accurately. A digital analyst is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining online measurement objectives. The analyst should offer advice on how to improve the firms’ websites. They should possess good communication skills to elaborate all the analysis and technical profiles.

The growth of Technology in Ghana will continue to create more jobs for the next couple of years. The jobs will not only be in the Technology sector but also other sectors, including engineering, science, banking, finance, and statistics.

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