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The Reason Behind the Growth of Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The Growth of the Tourism sector relies on various components, which are determined by the management, government, infrastructures, safety, and stability. The leading factors behind the growth and the development of Ghanaian Tourism include:

Good Transport Network

The Tourism Sector relies on a transport network. Good Transport network transforms to an improved tourism sector. Building good roads and upgrading them frequently results to convenient means of transport. The essential tourists’ attractions can only be accessed via roads, so having good roads to these sites makes it easier and more convenient. Pathetic roads may discourage tourists from visiting again or even referring such sites to friends and family. The Ghanaian tourism sector also assists the Ministry of Roads in maintaining and upgrading roads.

Art and Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the key reasons behind the growth of Ghanaian Tourism. In coordination with the tourism sector, the Government has been working to ensure the hospitality levels are up to standards. The hospitality and tourism industry comprises a pool of well-trained employees capable of treating tourists gently and courteously. Setting hospitality campuses to educate more people about hospitality has resulted in improved numbers of tourists visiting Ghana each year. Naturally, Ghana has hospitable people who are very friendly and welcoming; therefore, this alone makes it a preferred tourist destination.
The Government has been committed to developing the creative arts industry to integrate handicrafts and artworks.


Accommodation is among the first things a tourist considers before choosing their holiday destination. The features of a hotel may motivate or demotivate a tourist from choosing it during their holiday in a particular nation. The Government is closely working with the tourism industry to ensure that the modern hotels that are being constructed are up to standards and that tourists can be comfortable during their holiday. Currently, most hotels have an ultra-modern swimming pool, a Fast Wi-Fi network, lovely balconies where tourists can enjoy sunrise and sunsets while taking their drinks or meals, security, and hospitable staff.
Kempinski hotels are among the most preferred destinations in Ghana due to their excellent features. More quality accommodation services are being provided with increasing tourists each year.


Air travels serve as an alternative to Roads, and therefore the government is working to improve the airstrips’ status to improve the infrastructure for air movements. Although air movements are somehow expensive compared to other means of transport, a good number of people still choose it because of it’s a fast means of transportation. The Ghanaian is working on constructing new airstrips in the most significant locations with notable attractions, for instance, the Cape Coast, which is the home castles famous for transatlantic slave trade point, Strips along the coastal regions, such as Axim, and in the northern part such as at Bolgatanga. More terminals are being opened in most areas.

Improving the Status of Significant Cities

Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region and the Second-largest city in Ghana. It is a significant shipment city for local travelers such as traders. Its population has been increasing rapidly over the years due to its location. Kumasi is a famous city because of its rich cultural heritage and an annual venue for key cultural festivals. Upgrading the infrastructure and facilities of Kumasi has made it an attractive tourist site hence improving the number of tourists visiting this city. It is a significant source of income in Ghana, producing both cocoa and gold. Investment opportunities from the government motivated most investors to focus on the improvement of this city, especially the luxurious ones.

The Reputation of the Tourism Sector

A good tourism reputation results in improved employment opportunities, therefore stimulating the growth of the country’s economy. Ghana being a safe country, a large number of tourists are attracted by this key feature.

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