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A Tourists’ guide to All Ghanaian Dishes

by The Ghana HIT

If you are visiting Ghana for the first time, you will definitely want to indulge in Ghanaian cuisine. Food is one of the most personal and culturally immersive experiences someone can indulge in. Ghana has a satisfying menu of delicious, nutritious, traditional, and international meals. Fish is very significant in most dishes; it can be fried, smoked, or roasted. Most foods in Ghana are local, and most Ghanaian prefer taking them with their right hand. If you are visiting Ghana for the first time, you should at least taste the street foods and the traditional meals, especially the most popular ones.

Street food is ever available from local food vendors. Some of the common street foods include;


It is a typical fast food in most parts of Ghana. Tsofi is a deep-fried turkey tails seasoned with onions and garlic. It can either be served with fried yams or banku. It can be taken any time of the day with the grounded pepper sauce.


Waakye is made using rice and beans, and it is commonly eaten with stew and shitor. The ideal time to take this meal is either in the morning or afternoon. It is more delicious when served hot.


Kelewele is prepared with mushy plantains that have been soaked in ginger, garlic, and a mixture of peppers. It has a strong and crunchy aroma, and the plantains give it some sweetness. It is usually served as a snack or facet dish in Accra. Most people prefer taking Kelewele with other dishes. Statistics indicate that no Ghanaian meal can be complete without Kelewele.


It is commonly known as Gobe by the local people. Red-ed is prepared with cowpea beans until it becomes soft. Once it is soft, Gari and palm oil are added to it.

Traditional Ghanaian dishes are full of carbohydrates and originate from some ethnic groups. Some of the popular traditional meals include;


Jollof is one of the popular traditional meals among the west African countries. It was first introduced in Ghana by Senegalese citizens several years after Ghana attained its independence. Jollof is prepared by boiling rice with canned tomatoes and other spices. This meal is served in most restaurants, and most street food vendors also sell this dish. It is one of the best rice food in Ghana, and most locals love it.


Fufu is a traditional dish for the Ashanti people. It is a staple food in most west African nations. It is prepared by mashing boiled yams or cassava with plantain. Fufu has a delicious taste, but it is more delicious if served with goat light soup. This dish is found in most restaurants and Bars. It does not digest quickly, and therefore is advisable to take it during the day for proper digestion.


Banku is a delicious traditional dish for the Ewe people. It is commonly served in the evening or the morning for breakfast. Banku is prepared with cassava dough and yam dough. This food is mainly starch. You can serve okra soup, goat soup, or any other soup.

When touring Ghana for the first time, it is advisable always to be open-minded and enquire about anything related to any dish before taking it. Although various cuisines might seem new to you, just give them a trial and embrace the difference. Ghanaians are very generous; therefore, they might serve you too much food, but you should feel free to ask them to reduce the amount of food served, especially the cuisines with too much chili pepper.

Besides, Ghanaians believe in sharing, and they invite anyone, including strangers, to eat together; always feel free to say no at least two times before joining them.
Eating in the presence of other people without inviting them is considered impolite; therefore, you should be generous enough to invite anyone around you.

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