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Reasons Akosombo is a Preferred Destination

by The Ghana HIT

Akosombo is a beautiful destination situated a few kilometers from the Volta region. This region is a famous tourist destination for a couple of reasons. Some of the reasons include;

Akosombo DamMany tourists go to Akosombo town to see the hydroelectric dam and feel its roar. It is so interesting to walk around this dam while enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding regions. The perfect time to explore this dam is during the rainy season because the water levels are high. Sometimes, it gets extremely hot; therefore, it is advisable to carry a hat or umbrella when visiting there.

1. Hike around the Akosombo dam

There is a gorgeous forest near the lake, where tourists go to enjoy hiking. This forest is home to various wildlife species. The Akwamu Gorge is popularly known as the best bird-watching spot, and if you are lucky, you can spot almost all the extinct bird species. Hiking to the top of the hill guarantees incredible views of the snaking river.

2. Sail on the Dodi Princess

Dodi Princess is the only cruise ship in Ghana that traverses Lake Volta. This ship was built in 1977 and was meant to transport cargo, but it was later converted into a passenger ship in 1991. Dodi Princess has three decks, with the lower one air-conditioned, a cocktail bar, an area for barbecuing, and a sick bay. Tourists enjoy the photo-worthy views, barbecue lunches, and live music on deck. Dodi Island is only five kilometers from Lake Volta shores, a famous stop for the Dodi princess.

3. Sail on a fisherman’s canoe

Fishermen normally use traditional canoes with banana-shaped shaped dips and sags. Sailing on a fisherman’s canoe is an amazing chance to trail through green water, observing fish and other life underneath, all of which make for a wonderful experience. This is a relaxed way to see Lake Volta from the ground level, and it’s also possible to stop at the numerous overgrown islands along the way.

The Volta River has several fish species, but tilapia is the most notable. Fishing is an enjoyable leisure activity that you should do when visiting Akosombo town. Tourists enjoy fishing at Aylos Bay, where you can throw a line and see what you catch. The perfect time to go fishing is from early morning to around 4 pm, when mosquitoes start emerging during the evening.

4. Tour Peki Valley

The peki Valley is a peaceful area within Akosombo town. This valley is famous, where people relax, meditate, and bond with nature. The calmness of this valley attracts large numbers of people to Akosombo. Peki Valley is situated near the Adomi Bridge, and it is home to the Ewe of Dahomey. It was an important place during the slave trade because its caves sheltered all the enslaved people who escaped from their captors.

Tourists enjoy several activities during their visit to Peki Valley, including biking and walking around Lake Volta. The surrounding mountains guarantee incredible views of the surrounding regions. Additionally, you can walk through the butterfly-filled forest to spot butterfly species. Ephraim Amu’s preserved house is situated within this valley; he was a famous musician and composer.

5. Interact with traditional drum makers and kente weavers

Ghana has an interesting and unique culture that attracts tourists. The ancient cultures of Ghana have been preserved in various ways, and the traditional drum and Kente clothes are significant symbols of culture. The traditional drum makers are situated in Asikuma junction, a few meters past the bridge. You can take time to interact with them to learn how they make and play these instruments. Besides, you can visit Kente weavers to see how they make Ewe Kente.

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