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Reasons Behind Safari Valley Resort Fame

by The Ghana HIT

Safari valley resort is a luxurious eco-park in the Okere District, Eastern region of Ghana. The location is environmentally friendly and therefore blends well with the surrounding. It is approximately thirty minutes from Accra city to this resort. This resort offers top-notch leisure and accommodation services. Safari Valley Resort is known for offering quality services to its guests; hence many visitors are motivated to try this resort during their visit to Ghana.

Safari Valley Resort has lived up to its standards, not just in the price of the amenities but in the luxury and comfort you get from the venue. It will soon join the list of the best resorts in Ghana and Africa. Since its opening in 2020, Safari Valley Resort has been a famous spot, and the resort generally receives a number of instant endorsements from successful social media personalities who were among the first people to experience this resort and its features.

The weather at this resort is hot and somehow humid on most days of the year. Packing clothes that match this weather is advisable unless you plan to attend a specific themed event during your stay in this hotel. Tourists are advised not to pack bright clothes but rather carry safari-themed clothes and beach clothes.

Safari Valley Resort is well-designed and constructed. The resort features quality facilities and modern amenities which cater to all guests regardless of their demands. The constructors of this resort focused on comfort, superb customer service, privacy, class, and luxury facilities. Statistics indicate that a large number of people enjoy going to this facility to have fun and create lasting memories with their loved ones. This is a favorite and preferred spot for many visitors.

The rooms are well-decorated with beautiful wood and natural slate. Besides, all the cabins and rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities. Safari valley resorts have some private villas and rooms where guests can party and enjoy their stay within this facility. The private rooms have enough space for maximum enjoyment and fun. Most of the furniture is carved out of natural wood, so it is something to admire.

The resort has professional staff who are friendly, hospitable, and welcoming. You can talk to the management or staff in case you want to organize any private event or activity, such as weddings, romantic dinner dates, and birthday parties.

Do not worry about entertainment since everything is well-organized by the staff. There are lots of activities to participate in regardless of your age. Parents can bring their children because there are many things that kids can do to keep them busy and happy. The grounds are extensive with sports and leisure facilities, including horse riding, Golf, Sedgeway rides, and the odd wild animal walking by. The experience is fun and memorable.

Safari Valley Resort features a classy restaurant which quality dishes. With their services and the variety of dishes restaurants,
you will be glad you arrived hungry. They normally prepare a wide range of traditional meals such as the famous Jollof rice, Waakye, and many others. Besides, the restaurant serves international dishes.

In case you are staying in this resort during Celebration Week, when the resort is shared, you should be aware that most evenings have unique themes. Therefore, you should consider contacting the Safari Valley Resort customer service about their events before you finish packing.
The Safari Valley Resort is a beautiful spot to spend time with friends and family. It’s a fascinating location that gets you closer to the natural world. They provide excellent personalized service and delicious meals. Additionally, they have professional tour guides who help you move around this resort comfortably.

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