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Reasons why you should visit Ghana

by The Ghana HIT
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Ghana is situated on the edge of West Africa and was initially called the “Gold Coast” of Africa because of its numerous gold reserves. Today it is considered as the “Gate to Africa” for its strategic position. Ghana has a vast assortment of tourist attractions to keep your days busy and your nights memorable. The main reasons why Ghana is an ideal tourist’s destination to many people include;

Cultural Diversity

Traveling to Ghana allows you to interact with different people and participate in cultural experiences. The Culture of Ghana is evident in its countless crafts such as beadworks, wood carving, and pottery, among others. Ghanaian festivals are celebrations of the glory of life, and different communities celebrate, with music, dance, drumming, and lots of foods. The Edina Bakatue festival can be a vibrant vessel where the god of the river is requested to protect people. The Odambea festival is held during civic fights and rebellion around the world. The Rice pageant, the Bridal festival, the Panafest theatre festival are usually held each year.

Fascinating History

Ghana has thousand years of history, from the early Kingdoms and trade routes to the arrival of Europeans. It has many forts and castles compared to any other country in Africa, showing the history of Colonization and Slavery. Forts and Castles were constructed to support the slavery trade. Museums and Galleries are vivid reminders of the history of Ghana. The National Museum of Ghana in Accra, the Cape Coast Castle, the English Country-Manor Style of Fort Gross Fredericksburg, the Count Alessandro Volta Regional Museum, Kwame Nkrumah Burial Chamber, and Nkroful Museum and the dusty battlements of Fort Metal Cross are the key historical sites in Ghana that most tourists seek to visit.

Most Peaceful Country

Ghana is among the most peaceful nations in Africa, with a long stable democracy and healthy economy. It is a safe tourist destination with lower rates of Crimes, and tourists hardly have problems regardless of where they travel. There are a few cases of inter-tribal conflicts that arise among different tribes. Additionally, peace and calmness prevail during the election; therefore, you can visit Ghana at any time.

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana

World-class Beaches.

Ghana’s Coast has various amazing beaches. Some beaches are specifically for boating, water skiing, and sport fishing, while other beaches such as Kokrobite beach has lively and a festive environment for entertainment. The cityside beaches have bars and nightclubs, while the pristine beaches are designed for relaxation and basking.

Wildlife and natural Sceneries.

Animals That Live in Ghana - WorldAtlas

Ghana is a tropical paradise with several remarkable national parks such as Kakum, Bia, and the Mole national. The parks have thousands of wildlife and birdlife. The butterfly sanctuary of Bobiri, the monkey sanctuaries of Tafi-Atome and Boabeng Fiema, and the Hippo natural sanctuary of Wechiau are among the main village-based Conservation. Marine turtles can be found nesting on some beaches and whales, seeing at the right season. Ghana has incredible biodiversity and beautiful sceneries, waterfalls, rolling mountains. Tourists not only participate in hiking but also in canoeing adventures. The Volta highland region is a must-visit destination because of its waterfalls and caves.

Lakes and Rivers

Ghana has beautiful rivers and lakes. The largest international artificial lake known as the Volta’s River runs south from the Akosombo Dam to the northernmost up to the country and into Burkina Faso. The river threads its branches throughout a larger portion of the country, offering incredible scenery and islands along the way. Lake Bosumtwe in Kumasi is alleged to be formed of an impact crater.


Visiting Ghana is more about the wonderful experience than typical touristy sightseeing. Ghana is among the best tourist destination in Africa with great Culture and fascinating history.

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