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Reasons Wli Falls is the Most Visited Falls in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning a Leisure Trip to Ghana and wondering the best regions to Visit? Wli waterfalls are the answer to all your questions. It is a fascinating place to spend your weekends during your vacation in Ghana.

Wli waterfalls are among the most visited tourists sites in Ghana each year, and it receives a large number of tourists compared to other regions. It is a very distinctive site that is well preserved and maintained by the management; most people choose this site because of its calmness and natural beauty.

Wli Waterfall is an accessible place situated in the Volta Region, its approximately five hours from Accra to this site. Tourists can either hire a private taxi or even use public transportation to visit this fascinating site. Public transport is not predictable at all; therefore, you might end up wasting a lot of time before reaching there.

There are several Hotels where tourists can spend their night in case they still want to spend more time in this peaceful region. The Wli Water Heights Hotels and Restaurants is one of the most preferred hotels around this region. It is a magnificent place where you can comfortably spend your nights during your trip. The hotel occupies two locations; their staff is friendly and welcoming.

Their charges per night are reasonable; the rooms are well maintained and equipped with the necessary requirements. The restaurants prepare various types of dishes ranging from local dishes to international meals. Besides, the staff can prepare and set up a lovely dinner depending on your requirements.

Wli Falls comprises a lower and upper waterfall. One of the main reasons why tourists go to this region is to hike to the lower and upper waterfalls. Depending on your choice, you can begin by hiking the lower or the upper waterfall. Tourists pay a small amount of fee so as to access these falls. After paying the fee, they are assigned well-trained guides to accompany them during their tour. Apart from hiking, tourists also enjoy swimming under the waterfalls in the mountain.

Capturing the beautiful moments during this trip makes it more exciting and memorable. It is an ideal site, especially during group tours, family trips, or even a romantic trip with your partner. Do not forget to carry your camera or hire a professional cameraperson from the locality to capture all the moments when visiting this region.

You can explore this beautiful region on your own by following the cleared paths; it is not compulsory to have a tour guide. It is interesting to get a tour guide because they will elaborate and shares all the things related to these falls. It is so interesting to listen to the tour-guides experiences working here. When hiking the upper waterfall, it is good to get a tour guide because there is no one selected path in some areas, and therefore it is so easy to get lost and go in the wrong direction.

Some guides are there to rescue any group that goes out without a guide and then gets lost or the people who carelessly put their stuff by the waters and get lost.

A path slants the upper falls from downriver; tourists can hear the waterfall before seeing it. The late afternoon sunshine diverts into the valley to create a vibrant rainbow at the base of the falls. Both sun and Spray from the waterfall brighten up the vegetation to nearly electric green. The Wli Waterfall is a beautiful place, especially in the late afternoons because the combination of sun and spray is so huge, its sound is so loud, and it is bright in color. Hiking the upper falls takes so much time, but it is so interesting, tourists can stop to take snacks and water and capture some pictures. Sometimes the trails may be wet and slippery; therefore, it is advisable to wear good shoes.

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