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Importance of Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Tourism is an important industry in Ghana; the sector has some amazing benefits. Ghanaian tourism is one of the key sources of foreign revenue, which improves its economy. Besides the country benefiting, the tourists also enjoy the wonderful experiences. There are various benefits associated with the tourism sector in Ghana. The key benefits include:

Generation of Wealth

Tourism generates money for the host country; tourists pay to access tourists’ sites and accommodations. Additionally, foreign tourists benefit the locals by purchasing traditional fabrics. Tourism is the easiest way to generate income, especially during the peak season. Tourism is among the key sources of income for Ghana.

Tourism has Stimulated the Growth of Ghana.

Tourism has stimulated the growth and development of Ghana. To motivate tourists to continue visiting the country frequently, the tourism industry is really working to ensure that the country is more secure and the crimes reports are few. It is also working to improve the status of all the infrastructures status to ensure that all the sights are easily accessible. The sector is working to ensure that all the tourists’ hotels are well-equipped with the right equipment and that they have ultra-modern facilities. Besides, they are working to ensure that all the roads, hospitals, schools, and other key facilities are in good status. The development is very significant for the country.

Creation of Employment

The Tourism sector has generated so many jobs for the locals, which has positively impacted the Ghanaian economy. The hospitality industry is among the industry that creates lots of job for the people of Ghana. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment services are the key business that greatly benefits from tourism; most hotels are fully booked during the peak season. Entertainment sites are also packed, leading to more job opportunities.

Stimulates Unity Among the Tourists and Citizens

Tourism is one industry that improves the unity between people of varied backgrounds and cultures. The tourists travel to learn the cultures and history of Ghana interact with the locals so as to learn from them; this leads to unity and friendships between them. Culture leads to building links between different people. Therefore, this improves the understanding between various tribes, people, and races, resulting in better economy, social and political relationships.


Tourism motivates the government of Ghana to dedicate money to protect and conserve the local wildlife, historical monuments, tourists’ sites in urban and local regions. Conserving tourist attractions ensures that they remain in good conditions because tourists will be motivated to see them in good status. Since most tourist sites generate money, the money generated from such attractions can be used to conserve them.

Tourism Lays the Foundation

People see tourism from different perspectives, but the best definition of tourism is traveling to a place far from your home town or country for leisure or business purposes and spending a considerable period of time there. It is the traveling for a specific purpose and stays in the foreign city or country is not permanent.

Tourism is a very significant industry that forms a basis for other industries’ growth. It lays a foundation for wide-scale consumption, resulting in many benefits. Tourism has a positive impact on the economy, industries, and society, resulting in a country’s growth, progress, and development.

The importance of tourism arises from the various benefits and advantages it offers to any host country. The structure of tourism determines its importance. A well-structured tourism sector transforms to so many benefits and more opportunities. Besides, the management and leadership determine the level of its importance and significance. Tourism helps build a country’s brand image, image, and identity. Apart from being an attractive destination, tourism is a significant economic growth contributor.

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