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Some Great Things You Can Do in Ghana in December

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning a trip to Ghana in December and wondering whether there are great things that you can do? If yes, Ghana has a wide variety of interesting things that can make your trip more memorable. It is a vibrant country and a fascinating holiday destination. It is easier to explore Ghanaian attraction sites at affordable rates. This article tackles the top things you can do in Ghana during a visit in December.

Water Hopping

Ghana has various waterfalls; it is easier to hike on some waterfalls than others. Wli Falls, Tsatsadu Falls, and Tagbo Falls are the major waterfalls that attract large numbers of tourists each year. The Wli waterfalls are approximately 1,600 feet tall, with a fascinating forty minutes hike to the lower falls. There is a steep hiking route to the upper falls, which can take around two to three hours.

Fishing and Basking at The Beach

Fishing is an exciting leisure activity in Ghana. You can plan with your accommodation to go out with local fishermen. Fishing is a crucial source of income in the Eastern region of Ghana. Besides, Ghana has beautiful sandy beaches with amazing sheltered palm trees where you can bask or even go for a picnic. The Lake Volta Estuary has excellent beaches for relaxing.

Labadi beach is among the famous beaches near Accra city. The beach receives a massive number of visitors during the weekends and holidays. It is a favorite spot for couples, tourists, business travelers, volunteers, and families. You can surf, ride a horse, play football, or even relax at bars and restaurants. Bojo Beach is also a popular tourist spot where you can go to relax. Kokrobite Beac is the Best Surf point and has significant nightlife events.

Visit The Legon Botanical Gardens

The Legon Botanical Gardens is an attractive park near the University of Ghana in East Legon. It has well-maintained tourist attraction spots with well-maintained gardens. The Elevated rope course and the Zip wires attract many people to this park. The Legon Botanical Gardens is a peaceful and calm place for meditation and relaxation. Besides, you can plan romantic dates in this park.

Relax at the hotel Pools

Most days in Ghana are hot, so spending time at the hotel pools can be so relaxing. Although some hotels may not have a pool, many luxurious hotels offer external visitors a day entry to use their pool and other facilities. Golden Tulip Hotel is ranked among the most affordable hotel pools to visit, and it features a good pool and other quality services. It is a beautiful place to relax. Besides, there are other Hotels where external visitors can relax, such as Kempinski.

Hike Mt. Afadjato

Mt. Afadjato is the tallest mountain in Ghana. It is 885m high and a fantastic hiking spot; the mountain provides scenic views across the surrounding places. It is a steep mountain so the hike can take approximately one hour to thirty minutes. It is not free to access this mountain, and you pay entry fees of around 8GH¢.

Tour the Volta Region

Volta Region is one of the fascinatinating places to tour during a trip to Ghana. It is situated in the Eastern Regions of Ghana at the border of Togo. Lake Volta is among the major features of this region. It is the largest artificial lake in the world. Volta region is a suitable site for all open-air adventures. The other key features in this region are creeks, waterfalls, mountain paths, and lush rainforests. There are accommodation areas in this region where you can spend your nights in case it gets late. The Big Foot Safari Lodge and Wli Waterfall Inn are among the famous basic accommodation.

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