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The best things in Ghana during a Group Vacation

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning to travel to Ghana as a group? If yes, there is a couple of exciting things that you can do during your vacation. Ghana is a small country with a lot to offer to adventurous travelers. It is somehow easy to navigate through Ghana, but it is advisable to consider the best time of the year to visit Ghana. Ghana’s stable democracy and peace motivate many tourists to travel to Ghana. You will always find exciting things to do in Ghana regardless of how often you have visited the country.
For a memorable and exciting vacation in Ghana, consider the following activities;

1. Safari trip to Mole National Park.

It is among the first spot for most groups on vacation in Ghana. Mole national park is the largest national park in Ghana. It is home to over ninety wildlife species, such as green monkeys, warthogs, leopards, hyenas, and elephants. Many visitors go to Mole National Park to track elephants. Lions can also be spotted in this park, but it is not common. In the company of an armed ranger, Tourists can track a herd of elephants on foot, following them through the bush to the banks of watering holes for a closer and more fantastic view. Visiting this park as a group creates some interesting memories.

2. Explore Shai Hills in Accra

The Shail hills reserve is only a few kilometers from the capital city of Ghana. Tourists can participate in many activities when exploring Shai hills, but hiking and biking are the major ones. The Shai Hills Resource Reserve guarantees some incredible memories to all its visitors. The lush greenery, rocky mounds for climbing, and scenic views motivate local and international tourists to visit this site. The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is well-known for its roadside baboons and great camping experiences. A trio of bat-filled caves within this reserve is considered sacred by the Shai residents. The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is home to wildlife such as green monkeys, zebras, and kob antelope.

3. Relax at Ghana’s Beaches

Ghana has some of the most luxurious beaches in West Africa. You can participate in many things during a group vacation, including swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and other water sports. Ghanaian beaches cater to all beachgoers, from those who prefer relaxing to those who enjoy parting late. Labadi Beach in Accra is one of the most preferred destinations for tourists to create lasting memories. Kokrobite Beach is known as the best surfing spot in Ghana for learners and experts.

4. Enjoy a breathtaking canopy walk at Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is a famous tourist site with a breathtaking canopy walk. The canopy is 350m long and is a series of seven rope-like suspension bridges forty meters above the ground. It is also home to wildlife, including leopards, forest elephants, and red river hogs. Kakum National Park offers a chance for visitors to enjoy a high-flying trail. A guide at the visitor’s center is required to explore the park well.

5. Attend Ghana’s Festivals

Ghana has various ethnic groups hence the various exciting festivals. More than two hundred festivals are held each year in Ghana. Celebrations involve colorful parades, dancing, and music while celebrating the rich and lively Ghanaian culture. Festivals commemorate significant historical moments; some festivals involve sacrificing to the gods through pouring libation. Chiefs, kings, and other community leaders usually preside over these events, dressed in specific garments. The Asante Akwasidae is a famous festival in Kumasi linked to the Ashanti people, and it usually takes place after every six weeks on a Sunday.

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