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Reasons Volta Region is a Famous Tourist Spot

by The Ghana HIT

Volta region is a famous tourist attraction with stunning tourist attraction sites. The cultures, rich heritage, and beautiful places attract thousands of tourists to this region. Volta region has some of Ghana’s most beautiful landscapes, including Hohoe’s green and thick woodlands, Amedzofe’s foothills and cool weather, and Tafi Atome’s view of the highlands are a foretaste of Eden.

Nature lovers typically enjoy exploring all the natural features, such as mountains and waterfalls. Wli Falls and Mt. Afadjato are some of the well-known sites for tourism in the Volta region. Visitors get to enjoy a team effort of hiking the tallest mountain in Ghana and also get a chance to relax in the soothing waters of the waterfall. It is normal to spot some wild animals, such as monkeys.

The top reasons why the Volta region receives tourists include the following;


Festivals in the Volta Region are generally beautiful and exciting to witness. Anlo festival Hogbetsotso is a famous celebration among the Ewe people; it attracts natives and tourists from far and wide each year. This festival starts on the first Saturday of November; it involves dancing and singing in the streets. Besides, some other engaging historical performances indicate the diverse history and tribal culture.

Rich Heritage

Although Elmina and Cape Coast are the major regions associated with pre-colonial history, Volta Region is also related to Ghanaian history. The Volta region is home to ancient structures linked to the Ghanaian struggle for independence. The ruins of Fort Prinzenstein in Keta indicate Ghanaian history and heritage and the cultural connection among the Ewe people.

Delicious cuisines

The Ewe people dominate the Volta region. Therefore, most dishes prepared in this region are Ewe based. When visiting, be ready to try some locally prepared dishes at restaurants or on the streets. The everyday dishes include Gari eba, ademe soup, Akple, and abobi tadi. Ghanaians are generally kind and like sharing, so be aware that they can invite you to share a meal with them.

Beautiful Kente clothes.

Although the Ashanti Kente is more famous, the Ewes of the Volta Region also have their beautiful woven Kente. Ewes have distinguished kente clothes with some lovely human, symbolic, and human patterns. The patterns indicate the rich history and cultures of the Ewes. You can buy kente clothes; they are beautiful gifts for your loved ones.

Maximum Recreation

Most tourists travel to the Volta region to relax and have fun. The vital recreational activities in Volta include boat cruising, swimming, and hiking. The famous Dodi Island is a well-known spot where people go to have some personal time. You can dance and make friends with tourists and locals. Deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and water sports are the essential adventures.

Elegant Resorts

Volta region is known for its beautiful and inviting resorts. The fancy resorts feature some incredible amenities that ensure that tourists stay comfortable. Most resorts in this region guarantee five-star experiences to their guests. Sogakope beach resort is a favorite spot for many travelers because it features a balcony and terraces. You can check all the elegant resorts online or consult your famous travel agency. Some of the luxurious resorts in this region are packed during the peak season. Therefore, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

White Sandy Beaches

Volta Region is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana. Its seashore is among the most stunning regions in the Sub-Saharan area. Keta and Sogakope are the favorite spots on the coastline. Tourists go to relax, have fun, and create some lasting memories. Besides, you can participate in water sports such as swimming and surfing.

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