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The Key Components of the Tourism Industry in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The Main components of Ghana’s tourism industry can either increase or decrease critical destinations’ competitiveness. Tourist experience, in terms of destination and offer, is often influenced by the tourist’s expectations. Statistics indicate that when these components are in good condition can enhance the general experience of that destination. A tourist experience is a traveler’s overall impression after visiting a desired destination. The tourist satisfaction measure includes the quality of the tourist infrastructure and the quality of the tourist offer. The major components include amenities, accommodation, accessibility, attraction, and activities.

1. Attractions

Tourist attractions are the first step of the tourism supply chain. Attractions are the tourism industry’s leading component and most significant influencer. Although accommodations, transport, amenities, and activities determine tourists, without attraction, there is no tourism. There must be some attractions at the destination for tourists to visit that area. Tourists travel intending to experience the attraction; therefore, they cannot go on a vacation to a place where there is nothing new to see or experience. The status of attraction can either make or break the destination. There are natural and artificial attractions. Natural ones include mountains, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, rivers, and many others, while artificial ones include museums, monuments, canopy pathways, and open markets.

2. Activities

Most attractions in Ghana are linked with various activities that enhance the overall experience. For instance, mountains are associated with hiking and walking, gardens are linked with picnics, lakes may have boating and cruising facilities, surfing and swimming are associated with oceans, rivers offer fishing and boating, and many more. Activities such as camping help families, lovers, and friends bond and create some lasting memories.

3. Accommodation

It is a significant component of any destination—most visitors research accommodations to know whether they match their tastes and needs. Depending on quality, accommodation should offer visitors resting facilities, food services, and maximum satisfaction level. Some places in Ghana, such as Accra, receive tourists because of their luxurious accommodations. Statistics indicate that there is a percentage of tourists who travel with the aim of exploring accommodations.

Accommodation should have Good quality services & facilities provided to the guest by the accommodation unit. Generally, there are two types of accommodation: Serviced Accommodation: Refers to the services offered by the hotel, resorts, boutique hotels, homestays, star-category hotels, heritage hotels, and lodges. Various hotels are established to provide the service of lodging and food to the guest. Self-Catering Accommodation: refers to the accommodations sleeping facilities but not hotel services. Tourists must pay for food and accommodation on a cash basis every day.

4. Amenities

Amenities are the services required by the tourist to facilitate travel. They generally include infrastructure facilities like roads, sewage systems, power grids, and phone lines. Other facilities include police stations, ATMs, and hospitals. Although most of them are primarily developed for the residents, they are utilized by tourists also.

Every tourist travelling to Ghana desires world-class facilities and services. The Ghana tourism authority is making so much effort to meet all the tourist amenities demands. In partnership with the government, the tourism industry has implemented high-quality facilities in all tourism centres to ensure visitors are comfortable and enjoy most when visiting Ghana.

For instance, many coastal resorts offer swimming, boating, yachting, and surf-riding services. They also provide amenities like recreation, dancing, and other entertainment and amusement services, which are important for every tourist destination. Most Luxurious beaches in Ghana are sheltered from sunshine with palm and coconut trees, providing an excellent bathing environment to all tourists. Natural facilities like oceans are perfect for cruising or t hunting and fishing.

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