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Main Marketing Challenges in the Ghana Travel Industry

by The Ghana HIT

The Ghana travel industry has faced marketing issues for the last few years. These challenges hinder the tourism industry from achieving its goals and reaching the desired audience. The main challenges facing this industry include the following;

1. Shifting Tourist habits

Customer habits impact the entire industry, and tourism is no exception. The shift in tourist behaviour includes a renewed focus on health, working from home, and increased social media engagement. The tourism industry made huge losses during the covid-19 pandemic, which also resulted in changes in travel habits. Most people who work remotely go on a vacation for a combination of business and leisure. This new sub-set of travellers may overtake the traditional business category.

The marketing committee in Ghana is tracking these shifts and has adjusted all their strategies well. This committee collects, organizes, and researches customer data using digital technologies. By analyzing this data, they are able to identify patterns, trends, and other helpful insights. Taking the keynote of all the unique demands and needs of all the new and emerging groups and formulating strategies to achieve them has positively contributed to the growth of the industry.

2. Adopting New Technologies

Tourism brands are adopting new technologies to stay relevant in the industry. Technology is constantly evolving; therefore, brands must learn all the trends to deliver quality and up-to-date services. Travel marketers must keep up with the latest innovations to ensure great experiences for target audiences and current customers.

Dynamic pricing is a famous trendy technology that travel businesses can embrace. Airlines and hotels can use factors such as time of year, day of the week, and corporate versus leisure travelers to estimate the right price point to drive conversions. Using technology backed by artificial intelligence, it’s possible to make these adjustments based on daily changes in market demand. Some pricing engines have the power to update fares as often as every 15 seconds, and businesses are starting to see the huge difference this makes in bookings.

Businesses to use dynamic pricing requires more than just investing in the tech: Businesses have changed their data management processes, including integrating CRM and revenue analytics. And this can be made even more difficult if customer data is messy or has not been consolidated to a single interface—another reason why it’s so important for travel and tourism brands to prioritize data quality and consolidation.

When traveling, many visitors desire flexibility and efficiency in the booking process. Statistics indicate that approximately 50% of travelers book directly with a provider online rather than through an online travel brand. Adopting technological innovations will help tourism businesses obtain new customers and retain existing ones.

3. The increased demand for customized services

The shifting tourist habits have resulted in increased demand for customized services. Customized services are essential for the travel and tourism industries. Statistics indicate that approximately 60% of travelers want personalized travel experiences and interactions. Some tourist premises have already adopted to offer customized services while others are still shifting to this trend. Although some customized services are accessed at an additional cost, others are common to all tourists.

The Key sectors of the tourism industry are adapting to the new trend of using customization technology to deliver personalized experiences to tourists. The hotel has adopted the creativity that features amenities that would appeal to families, and another meant for solo travelers. For instance, most resorts offer customized services to their customers, such as organizing a romantic dinner for lovers depending on their wants. You are only required to the management in case you want a more intimate and individualized customer experience.

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