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The Key Recreation Activities that Complement Ghanaian Tours

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has many recreational activities that complement tours in this great nation. Most of these activities drain energy easily, especially when the sun is burning. The major recreational activities that complement Ghanaian vacations include;

Riding Canoe and Padua

Riding cones is an exciting recreational activity with a strong cultural element. You can hire a canoe ride to enjoy the serenity of cruising along the water. Taking a canoe ride with a local gives you a chance to see nature up close.

Canoes are not allowed in some water bodies in Ghana, for instance, Lake Bosumtwi, which is the largest meteorite impact lake in Africa. The locals believe this is a sacred area; therefore, no one should ride across. Padus, a large flat board, is the only recreational object in this sacred lake. Padua is paddled using a hand, and it requires some skill to balance well.

Horseback Riding and Polo

Ghana has a couple of horseback trails. Lake Bosumtwi trail is the most prominent horseback trail where many tourists enjoy riding horses. Accra Polo club receives many tourists who enjoy watching and playing in a match.


Weightlifting is a famous bodybuilding activity in Ghana. Remaining healthy when visiting Ghana is easy with various available activities. There are gyms in Many places in Ghana, especially in the urban area. Most hotels are equipped with modern gyms and other body-building facilities.

Surfing and watersports

The surfing sites in Ghana are growing at a fast speed. There are a couple of good surfing beaches with areas for both experts and learners. The Black Star Surf Shop in Busua and Mr. Bright shop in Kokrobite are Ghana’s most famous surf shops. Although most beaches are great for swimming, some dangerous ones have strong waves and non-clean water.

Swimming pools are available in most hotels in Ghana, and they allow outsiders to buy a day pass to use a swim. Some people along the Volta River rent Jet skis and motorboats to watersports fans. To avoid infections and other water diseases, it is advisable to enquire locally before using any body of water.

Hiking and Biking

Ghana has various hiking pathways that show the beautiful sceneries of the beautiful nation. You can hike along the beaches, forests, and waterfalls. Wli Falls is one of the most preferred hiking spots in Ghana, and it shows the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. Besides, crossing several streams while hiking to Wli Falls is exciting.

Hiking on Mountains and sacred rock formations at Tano Sacred Grove, Tongo, or Bongo. The Umbrella Rock and Lookout Rock provide amazing views of the surrounding regions. Atewa and Kwahu plateaus are great hiking highlands near the great Accra city. It is not easy to hike to mountains, but some adventurous tourists hike to the peaks of the highest mountains in Ghana.

Ghana has various biking trails, and therefore if you can rent a bike and enjoy biking around Ghana. The major biking trails include the Aburi region and other guided rides in Kokrobite.


Paragliding is a prominent festival that is held yearly at the Kwahu Plateau. It is advisable to book this event in advance if you want to participate because it receives a large number of visitors from various regions of the continent. You ride with an expert pilot and fly gracefully over the ridge for a beautiful bird’s-eye view.


Fishing is a main source of income for a large number of people living near water sources such as rivers, lakes, and beaches. Tourists can help fishermen pull the fishing nets at the water sources. Additionally, they can use a rod-and-reel for fishing on the shores along the river. Deep water fishing exercise demands guidance from the locals.

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