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The Major Tourists Attractions in Tema

by The Ghana HIT

Tema is a coastal city in Ghana located approximately 25km east of Accra. The city is also known as Harbour Town because it features the main harbor in Ghana. Tema is a prominent city in Ghana, and it is well-known as a busy industrial town, a trading center, and a key tourist destination. This town experiences a dry equatorial climate and regular precipitation of 750ml each year.

Tema started as a small fishing village in the ancient days, but after Ghana gained its independence, the town experienced rapid growth after a huge port was constructed here in 1961.

Tema Port

It is also known as the “harbour city” Tema port is the largest port in Ghana; it covers a total area of 3.9 sq. km. Approximately Eighty Percent of Ghanaian exports and imports take place here. Most industrial and commercial ports rely on Tema Port to acquire metals petroleum, among other products from foreign nations. Cocoa is Ghana’s primary source of income, and it is exported through this port. Tema Port is a crucial shipment point for products from land-locked nations to the northern side of Ghana.

Sakumo Lagoon Protected Region

The Sakumo Lagoon Protected Region is three kilometers to the west of Tema City. It is a small national park located in Tema’s neighborhood; the park occupies around 3300 acres. Sakumo Lagoon is a popular fishing sport, producing large amounts of fish. It is home to various birds species such as the Black Tern Chlidonias niger, Spotted Redshank, and the Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis. From July to September, it is the summer season, and therefore it is not advisable to tour this park during this period because the Lagoon is usually dry.

Sajuna Beach Club

Sajuna Beach Club is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy yourself. It is a fascinating and well-designed private club. The beach features white sand and crystal-clear water. Visiting this place with your friends or family is the most interesting experience ever. Sajuna Beach Club is a well-organized and attractive place where you can picnic with your friends and enjoy a barbeque. The club has a restaurant where tourists can enjoy freshly prepared traditional dishes, seafood, and other meals at affordable prices. Tourists can participate in volleyball and soccer sessions at the beach. You can hire a kayaking boat to enjoy a sea ride at the surrounding waterbeds.

Wonderland Park

The wonderland park has well-kept grounds and equipment; it is beautiful and prominent. It is a fantastic place for both adults and children. It is a peaceful, safe, and cool place to explore.

Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

Seth Kane Kwei was the owner of the Kane Kwei Carpentry workshop; he focused on designing unique coffins. Today, Eric Adjetey Anang, the grandson to Kwei, owns this workshop; the unique coffin collections still exist. During your tour in Tema, you can dedicate a few hours to go and visit this workshop.

There are enough 5-start hotels within Tema where tourists can comfortably spend their nights. Some hotels feature modern facilities while other hotels feature traditional facilities, and depending on your preferences, you can go for the one that suits you. The staff can also arrange your journey by booking a plane for you and preparing other recreational activities while in Ghana. The most famous hotels in Tema include Parkhill hotel Ghana Kaysen’s Grande Hotel, among others.
Various restaurants prepare both traditional Ghanaian dishes and other international meals. The common Ghanaian local dishes are served in most restaurants include Jollof rice, Fufu and goat light soup, and Boiled yams.

Tema is a beautiful town full of many adventurous activities that tourists can participate in. The people of this town are friendly and welcoming; you will definitely enjoy their company. The history and culture of this town is very impressive, and therefore you can spend time learning.

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