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Why Ghana Guarantees Safety and Good Health to Tourists

by The Ghana HIT

Most tourists are worried about the safety of their destinations, while others are worried about the wellness of their health. Ghana is a safe destination that guarantees safety and wellness to its tourists. Malaria is a key threat to the health of many people in Ghana, and therefore, tourists are advised to carry malaria tablets and sleep under treated nets.

Most destinations in Ghana are aware that most travellers these days seek to be safe and healthy during their vacations, and therefore, they have adopted these trends. Most hotels in Ghana have gyms, spas, and other amenities to ensure that their tourists remain healthy during their visit. Besides, some accommodations have health facilities or professional medics to attend to visitors in case they get sick during their trip.

Road safety is still an issue in Ghana, and road accidents are common in many parts of Ghana. When using public means of transport, remember to wear a seatbelt and never accept to be driven by a drunk person. Additionally, listen to the advice from the locals concerning safety and crime.

When you hire a private car, always remember that careless driving is the biggest threat to life in most parts of Africa. Drive defensively, gaping pot-holes. Many vehicles lack headlights, and most local drivers are reluctant headlight users, so avoid driving at night and pull over in heavy storms. When using a tax, don’t be afraid to tell the driver to slow down or calm down if you think he is too fast or reckless. Taxi drivers in Accra have also been known to attempt scams on tourists.

Ghana has many quality hospitals and pharmacies with professional medics who can speak fluent English. Consultation fees and laboratory tests are affordable when compared with other Western countries, so if you fall sick, just visit any of the nearest facilities. Commonly required medicines include broad-spectrum antibiotics, malaria cures and prophylactics, widely available and cheap throughout the region.

Drug abuse is a serious crime in Ghana, especially the prohibited drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. The possession of small amounts of marijuana can lead to a prison sentence in excess of 5 years after a lengthy and expensive legal process. The penalties for drug-related offences are severe; sometimes, bail may not be granted. Be responsible and avoid using illegal drugs when visiting Ghana.

Women travelling alone are always received with a lot of kindness by strangers who want to see that they are safe. When travelling alone, you should not fear gender-specific discrimination. It would also be good to pay attention to how you dress in Ghana, especially in the more conservative Muslim north, where covered clothes below the knee are advisable. Generally, the people of Ghana are decent and may stay at you in dismay when you wear short clothes. Even in the south, where tight clothes are the order of the day, try to remain decent and the area just below covered, as this is where Ghanaian women often wear their beads and are seen as highly sexual.

An anti-LGBT+ Bill introduced in 2021 has increased the risk of violence and discrimination targeting those perceived as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Ghanaian citizens do not tolerate public displays of affection by people of the same sex, and many don’t accept that such relationships exist. There are reported attacks against LGBT individuals. If you belong to the LGBT community, always lay low when travelling to Ghana because it can land you in serious trouble. There are many reported cases of violence and psychological abuse of the LGBT community.

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