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Why you should visit Buoyem Caves in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Buoyem is a small village situated in a fascinating valley surrounded by granite hills, forests, and caves. Exploring Buoyem is not an easy task because it involves various things to do and see. Buoyem has great paths, waterfalls, and scenic sites. It is surrounded by three sides of histrionic crags and hills. Buoyem provides stunning views, cave exploration, incredible hiking opportunities.

This locality’s essential tourist attractions include a rock shaped like the African continent, another rock shaped like an umbrella, Bibiri falls, and significant caves. The Buayom caves were relied on by the Ashanti tribe during the 18th century. Tourists get an opportunity of seeing how local foods are prepared, a market center with fresh farm goods, the adoration of traditional gods, and schooling.

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Visitors can visit these caves at any time of the year. The place experiences two wet seasons, between March to July and From September to November. This region is very high, and each hike involves fascinating rock embracing through small routes.

The Buoyem Grove is well-known because it houses over 20,000 Rosetta Fruit Bats. There are no other recognized caves dwelling fruit bats apart from these. It is an offense among the local people to injure the bats. The cave has other sections of natural sensations, such as the secreted source of an underground stream and a set of deep earthly windows.

Buoyem offers four-day trips, and all the tourists are advised to dress in light-weight long pants and long sleeves tops because they usually pass through some area covered with thick bushes. Besides, you should wear closed shoes that cover your toes or rubber-soled shoes because you might get wet when you step on water. Tourists should carry some drinking water.

The Forest

The Mprisi sacred Grove covers approximately 350 hectares and is a dry semi-deciduous forest. The forest has different trees, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous vegetation, and related animals. Touring the Mpirisi forest starts in a cave that has the secreted source of an underground watercourse. Tourists hike for around half an hour at Mpirisi forest so as arrive at the two significant viewing points at the largest bat cave. This forest is a consecrated place for the residents of Buoyem, and traditionalist normally pours libation here.

Cave Exploration and Bat Expedition

During the Bat Tour, tourists observe the bats and also learn their behaviors and their interactions. They get an opportunity of analyzing the bats’ environment. The next point is a second cave where you hike through the forest and cross two rivers. Tourists learn more about the native plants and different animal types in this cave. The third cave houses various species and sizes of bats. There are three opening from this cave to the rocky surface above that lets light in and therefore allows tourists to see the bats as they loiter around. From this place, the tourists are taken to the main cave via a forest and rock formations. Libation is poured at the main cave, and the visitors are given a chance to ask queries related to the event or the culture. The tourist can finish their day by hiking at this place. Ensure that you wear a hat during the cave exploration to avoid bat dropping.

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Buoyem has a hotel that can accommodate tourists during their holidays. The hotel is not far from Buoyem, and therefore you can walk or even board a vehicle. They are well-maintained and always clean. All the guest rooms are well equipped with electricity, a private toilet, and a bathroom. There is a lot of water, and the staff is amicable and ready to attend to any needs.

There is sufficient underground water and minerals, but there is no restaurant around this community, and local skilled women prepare tourists’ dishes. Besides, there are local meals and facilities available if you like cooking for yourself.

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