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All You Need To Know About The April Dodi Cruise Experience

by The Ghana HIT

Are you in Ghana for a vacation? Are you looking to experience a cruise vacation? Dodi Princess Cruise can offer the experience you are looking for. Dodi Island is one of the gorgeous sites in Ghana, with a fantastic environment favorable for leisure activities. It is situated on the fascinating banks of the Volta River. Most travel and tour agencies offer exciting packages for groups, family, friends, and lovers willing to have fun on this island.

Dodi Island is a unique aqua tourism destination that offers entertainment and great adventure. Visitors are received with a lot of warmth and love by the island’s residents, who entertain them with colorful cultural music and traditional dances. It is one of the most memorable experiences you can ever have during a vacation in Ghana. Approximately three hundred people live on the rocky area of the island. The remaining region is an entertainment zone, and people aim to enjoy themselves.

Cruising is an exciting event held occasionally at Dodi Island alongside other activities such as water sports, live band performances, and many others. Dodi Island hosts a couple of activities that attract a large number of tourists from all over the world.

If it is your first time boarding a ship, do not be scared because the experience will be exciting and memorable. The Captains will make you comfortable and feel at ease. You can be entertained by a live band performance during the cruise. Besides, making new friends can be an exciting experience as well. You should book a seat in advance to avoid last minute rush. Before boarding the ship, the life band team takes the boarding team through all the safety instructions in case anything happens while on board. Be ready to have fun, enjoy and dance to some exciting hits. There are various board games that you can enjoy during the cruise, including FIFA.

Food is part of the trip package. There are several food options, both traditional and international cuisines. Popular local dishes such as Banku and jollof rice are typically served with either fish or chicken. The meals are well-prepared and nicely packaged with water and fruit juice. The management team does not allow drinks and foods other than those they serve on the ship, but you can take snacks or buy a drink while on board. There is no need to carry packed food from home when attending this event.

It is a relaxing experience away from any stressful environments. The Eastern region, particularly Atimpoku, Akosombo, and its surrounding, have several beach resorts, boat cruises, beaches, and gardens. Lake Volta offers some interesting experiences when you visit there on the cruise.
There are many tourist sites in the Eastern region, and Dodi Cruise is one of the major attractions. Boti Falls, Umbrella Rock, Bunso Eco Park, Aburi Gardens, Air Jays, Adom Falls, Tini Falls, and the Adome Bridge.

There is a theme park, bushbuck park, and bird cages. The theme park is home to three huge ostriches, which are friendly. The bird cages house some colorful native and exotic birds.
This trip caters to Transportation, water, food, and drinks for all participants and people participating in the experience. Besides the daytime experience, there is a night cruise which is super unique and fun. The four hours cruising experience guarantees some incredible views of the neighboring regions.

If you are looking for a family trip or a fantastic retreat, you should consider booking the dodi cruise experience. You should consider booking the available accommodations on this island or the neighboring in advance to avoid last-minute or other expenses.

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