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Top Solo Travel Destinations in Ghana for 2024

by The Ghana HIT

Life often whisks us into busyness and responsibilities, making it crucial to experience solo travel before obligations grow heavier. Embarking on solo journeys unveils our individuality, showcasing how we navigate solitude and cultural diversity, exposing us to cuisines we might otherwise never savor.

In this digital age, we’re immersed in technology, sometimes overlooking the beauty of our natural surroundings. Uncovering the unexplored corners of this world becomes our pursuit. Here are five prime solo travel destinations in Ghana that beckon exploration:

1. Nzulezu Ghana.

This is one of the most unique and beautiful places that are well-known in Ghana. The name means ‘surface of water’ in English. A place where houses are built over a lagoon, and all of the houses are placed on stilts. According to history, that is where their gods told them to stay. This is a place that people should visit to experience the innovation of the village people and their livelihood. Tourists can even spend quality time in the hotels sitting on top of the lagoon. They sell the best quality foods, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This place is not like a jungle trip but a home to experience new things.

2. The Newmont mining site.

Most tourists don’t know about this beautiful mining site. You may have heard of its name before, but if you haven’t experienced it yet, give it a try. It is the most beautiful place to visit in Ghana’s Ahafo region (kanyasi). You can’t go all alone, so you have to report to the company before they take you on the tour. It is a place you can’t forget about.

3. Accra

This is the safest city for tourists in Africa and provides a wide range of accommodation and other tourist facilities. Accra is Ghana’s capital and largest city, with a population of over four million in the metropolitan area. Another notable landmark in Ghana is the James Fort, which is situated in the suburbs of Jamestown. It used to be a prison for slaves during the colonial times. It stayed a prison until a decade ago when the Government declared it a museum. It has one of the strongest and oldest buildings that have stood the test of time. The dungeons are favorites for the tourists as it reveal the nature of how slavery was conducted in Accra. Spend some time visiting historic sites, markets, galleries, our pulsing nightlife, and some really fun beaches.

4. Cape Three Point

Cape Three Points is a small peninsula in the Western Region of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean. It marks the western end of the Gulf of Guinea. Visiting Cape Three-point, you can tour the whole Cape Coast town. The land with a great history of slaves is a former European colonial capital and one of the most culturally significant spots in all of Africa.

5. Labadi and labadi hotel

Labadi Beach, well-known as La Pleasure Beach, is the busiest beach on Ghana’s coast. It is one of Accra’s beaches and is maintained by the local hotels. Labadi Beach is in La, popularly known as Labadi, near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. An entrance fee is charged to those not staying in the hotels. On holidays and weekends, there are often performances of reggae, hiplife, playback, and cultural drumming and dancing. Aside from visiting the beach to have fun, people visit the place early morning to work out, mostly on weekends. This is the best beach to visit as a solo traveler.

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