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Factors that Determine the Performance Tourism Industry in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The travel and tourism industries’ performance depends on various artificial and natural factors. Most destinations in Ghana rely on tourism marketing strategies to encourage local and international tourists to visit those destinations. The top factors which determine the tourism industry’s performance include:

1. Travel Trends

Just like any other activity, travel trends develop each year. These trends include all the travel niches that are becoming more famous than they were once or destinations in vogue. Most of these trends are established by tourism surveys and travel media, but the tourism authority of Ghana monitors them. Travel trends in Ghana are promoted through social media campaigns and partnerships with top brands, which are easily recognized. If you are a regular tourist in Ghana, you may get direct information regarding these trends. It is advisable to follow vital social media platforms such as the Ghana tourism authority and regularly check the latest trends on Twitter to catch up with all the latest trends in Ghana.

2. Seasons

A large percentage of destinations and tourism products in Ghana have at least one high and low season. Low season means cheaper vacations, lower entry fees, cheap flights, and less tourism income. During the high season, the cost associated with tourism increases typically. Most tourism operators and suppliers in Ghana usually plan their marketing plans with heavy high-season and light low-season spending budgets. The marketing trends used during the low season commonly differ from those used during the high season. The performance graph indicates that low-season revenue is lower compared to the high season.

3. Events

Ghana has various special events which attract tourists each year. Most of these events are seasonal and generally happen during a specific date or month of the year. Some of the key events include festivals such as Christmas, PANAFEST, and many others. The tourism authority of Ghana, in partnership with other organizations, creates trendy slogans to capture the attention of tourists across the world. ‘December in Ghana’ is a famous slogan that is meant to attract many people during the December edition. This slogan has been successful over the years since its introduction. Media attention and global focus on key destinations is a free marketing strategy that motivates tourists to travel to these destinations.

4. Renovations and Development

Renovations and development make a destination more appealing and desirable to tourists. The Kwame Nkrumah memorial park was recently opened after undergoing serious renovations and development. This move was meant to encourage more tourists to visit this site. In coordination with the tourism industry, the government of Ghana is motivating local and international tourists to visit Kwame Nkrumah memorial park. A marketing campaign is launched to announce its presence as a key destination whenever a tourist attraction site is renovated. Visiting a newly renovated place gives an improved and better experience to tourists.

5. Government Support

Government support is a key determinant of the general performance of the tourism industry. Over the years, the government of Ghana, under the leadership of Akufo Addo, has been supporting all the tourism goals and objectives, and so far, they have achieved a lot. Tourism is a primary source of revenue in Ghana, and therefore government support means more revenue, hence boosting the economy.

Government budgets are directly connected with annual budgets and revenue, and in many areas, the tourism sector of the government is one of the first to be affected during tough economic times. The government of Ghana funds tourism travel and tourism to ensure Ghana is the preferred destination in Africa. Currency rates also determine the performance of the tourism industry.

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