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The Major Tourist Attraction Sites in Amedzofe

by The Ghana HIT

Amedzofe is a beautiful town with lots of amazing things to do. Most tourists go to this hilly town to relax, have fun, and create lasting memories. It is strategically located north of Ho and South of Hohoe, and therefore, it is easily accessible using a taxi or a bus. Amedzofe is a town known for its various natural attractions, including mountains, waterfalls, a canopy path, and many others. It is interesting to explore all the sites within this town.

If you are planning a vacation to Ghana, remember to include Amedzofe Town in your bucket list. It is an amazing town that is surrounded by fascinating sites. This destination has a rich history and culture. Besides, it is a cool and quietly cool, peaceful site. Amedzofe is a historical city that attracted German settlement during the ancient days. A cemetery for the Europeans who lived in the town more than a hundred years ago still exists and is open for visitors to tour.

The beautiful canopy walkway guarantees some amazing views of the neighboring regions. Professional tour guides around the canopy walkway accompany visitors. It is so refreshing to walk through the pathway, but the experience demands lots of energy and dedication. Besides, you must be courageous, especially if you are afraid of heights.

The walk towards the walkway involves clearing 259 steps through a lush, pristine. The large trees along the way provide shade from the direct sun, easing movement around this place. The major wildlife you can encounter includes reptiles, butterflies, and birds. The dry season is the best time for a canopy walkway since it is easy to move around.

Gemi mountains is a famous attraction site within this city. Most people travel to Amedzofe to see this famous mountain. When exploring this mountain, you should be aware of some crossing wildlife. A hike towards the mountain is always recommended as you walk through gardens and quaint communities. There is no better exercise than climbing to the top of the mountain, particularly in the morning or late afternoon. There is a conspicuous 12-foot metal cross at the top of the mountain. Reports indicate that German missionaries installed the metal cross. The metal cross serves many roles, and it is considered to be a telecommunication device.

Mt Gemi’s peak has an amazing bird’s eye view of the surrounding regions near and far. Some of the most spectacular views are guaranteed in the morning and evening.

Ote Waterfalls is one of the most notable and recent sites. Only a few courageous tourists ascend through the forest to access the waterfalls. This beautiful waterfall is situated towards the eastern section of Amedzofe, and most people enjoy hiking to the top. Although ote waterfalls are low, like other falls in Ghana, it is a great place to go and have fun. The perfect time to enjoy Ote Falls is during the rainy season, particularly between May and November, because the water level is high and the splash is beautiful.

It is so exciting to watch the Ote waterfall cascade; the sound of the waterfalls is very loud during the rainy season. The peacefulness and cleanliness of this area make it a perfect destination for family, friends, and group picnics. Tourists relax while enjoying the calmness of the region. The green landscape surrounding the waterfall also provides good areas for sitting and recreational activities.

Visiting Amedzofe is a memorable experience. One gets the chance to immerse in nature and culture. For adventure lovers, the new attraction site is a huge bonus. You should be sure to spend more quality time in nature. The late night to dawn hours provides some of the fantastic spectacles of the wild.

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