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Fascinating Places to Enjoy Cycling in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful African Nation with lots of tourist attractions to explore. Depending on what you prefer, you explore the scenic areas by either cycling, walking, or riding. Cycling is a great tourist activity, and you’ll love it.

You can quickly explore all the tourist attractions, see all the constructions, and learn about this nation’s culture and history by cycling. Cycling ensures that you remain healthy, and it also helps you burn some unnecessary fats in your body. The best places in Ghana to go riding include:

Kwahu Mountains

Kwahuandproud: Kwahu's tourism: the catalyst to its socioeconomic  development - The Business & Financial Times

Mountain roads are spectacular, and they offer stunning views and challenge most cyclists. The Kwahu Mountains are positioned in the thick tropical forest belt in the Eastern Region. The magnificent mounts offer lustrous and sharp routes for cyclists with striking valley views, and the cyclists who are not afraid of steep and meandering roads cycle to the top of the mountains. At the top of these mountains, you experience the amazing culture of the Akan of the Akwapim, who occupied the peak.

Accra-Tema Beach Road

The Accra-Tema Beach Road is a great trail that allows you to cycle around the Accra Beaches. It is a double carriage road adjacent to the thundering waves of the Atlantic Ocean; it links Accra to the Industrial center of Tema, where the key port in Ghana is situated. It is an exciting experience to cycle in this region because you experience the sea breeze while riding through some towns such as Nungua. Sunset rides are super perfects for all cyclists because they enjoy the amazing views.

Adomi Bridge

Adomi Bridge Opens September

The glorious Volta River goes a long distance from its origin in Burkina Faso across Ghana before draining its water in the Gulf of Guinea. The Adomi Bridge is along the width of this magnificent river. The Bridge is among the finest spots to catch the scenic nature of River volta. The Adomi Bridge is a key crossing point that connects the Eastern and the Volta Region. If you plan to explore this place, pick your bike and timepiece; the wires holding up the bridge are reflected in the sparkling water as you ride along.

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John Evans Atta-Mills High Street

The John Evans Atta-Mills High Street is a great place where you can cycle, and your bike remains safe with roadways on Both sides. Accra was established during the colonial era as a group of organic settlements on the Atlantic coast, occupied by the Ga people. Today, Accra has developed so much, and it covers a large distance compared to the ancient city. When you visit this town, you get a chance to explore the traditional areas of Accra such as Jamestown, Usshertown, Bukom, and the Central Business District by riding along John Evans Atta-Mills High Street. The main road from the Korle Lagoon ensures that all tourists can relax at the original Ga Settlements and participate in current activities such as fishing harbors, boxing gyms, and Accra’s lighthouse, with a scenic view of the coast.


Aburi is a fascinating town in the Eastern region of Ghana, situated on a calm mountain. It is not located far from the capital city of Ghana, and the road to this place is an ideal cycling destination for many tourists. Aburi is a dream region for most cyclists because of its calmness and peacefulness. The ancient tarmacadam cuts through the margins of the magnificent mountain and meanders with stunning curves, all the way to the top. You can view the thick, dense forest on one side of the mountain while on the valley side and view every part and section of Accra city. It is not easy to cycle up to the top of the mountain, but it is normally advisable to ensure that you reach the top to get the most spectacular views.

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