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Ghana to become the next ‘tech hub’ by 2030

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The Convener of the Ghana Tech Summit, Einstein Ntim, has unveiled his plan on transforming Ghana into a Tech Hub by the year 2030. According to him, this step is necessary to eradicate all the unemployment issues from Ghana.

If this plan becomes successful, by the year 2030, Ghana will become one of the most innovative technology hubs. 

Einstein Ntim has urged domestic companies to stay up to date with tech trends to improve the overall productivity of Ghana. He believes that innovation and awareness can help solve the social problems of society. 

He also disclosed that the Africa Future Fund provided a 20 million dollar fund, and it will be invested in tech companies across the African continent. 

Einstein Ntim made this statement during the Annual Tech Summit which took place on December 13, 2019. Ghana Tech Summit brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, digital marketers, and creatives under one roof together to address humanity’s grandest challenges via technology and entrepreneurship.

“Currently, Africa is facing serious unemployment problems, and this can only be eliminated with the help of technology. Every company should be tech-enabled, and the same applies to the government. Therefore, if this concept is brought to Ghana, then we can employ everyone, and the overall situation will become better.”- Einstein Ntim

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