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Ghana Tech Summit Breaks Record as the largest Tech summit In West Africa

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Ghana has one of the fastest developing Tech scenes in Africa. The Ghana Tech Summit was developed to try and reinforce the growth of this sector. 

This 12-year initiative of the Global Startup Ecosystem which operates the biggest online digital accelerator in the developing markets. The major aim of the summit is to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial economy of Ghana and readjust it as a comprehensive study of catalyzed innovation within an emanant market country. The Ghana Tech Summit is open to all the people who are engrossed in revamping the world through entrepreneurship. This includes local and international industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and creatives.

Ghana Tech Summit is hosted every year and it lasts for three days. The pivotal theme is to “catalyze entrepreneurial and business ecosystems in emerging markets”. The summit brings a number of people together into the targeted cities around the world for the purpose of accelerating tech, innovation and economic development within the host country. Among the various summits hosted by GSE (Global Startup Ecosystem), The Ghana Tech Summit breaks the record as the largest summit in Africa every year with a number of 1000 participants.

The summit intends to address humanity’s greatest challenges via technology and entrepreneurship. 

As far as the visa, logistics, and accommodation are concerned, the international participants will be benefited from a number of facilities throughout the event. The Visa is available for international participants at a $200 fee. The venue for the event is the Accra International Conference Centre which is situated in the Christiansburg area in Accra Osu.

Once in the Summit, you will get a chance to interact with people coming from different regional and cultural backgrounds. They come together to discuss new trends and opportunities pertaining to business and other fields.  People share their ideas and experiences with one another. The Summit helps innovators establish links with foreign investors who can assist in scaling up internationally. Ghana Tech Summit is the best opportunity where entrepreneurs can learn many innovative ideas regarding their field of interest. The medium of instruction throughout the Summit would be English.

Attendees of the Ghana Tech Summit including speakers and participants give a very positive review about it on different social media platforms. Some of the reviews include:

“Celebrations will be in full effect this winter as we celebrate Freedom, Justice and the Year of Return with immersive technology and the Ghana Tech Summit” – Udeesa T.

“The Ghana Tech Summit was very inspiring and has the ability to propel anyone that participated to take entrepreneurial action” – Chris-Bright D.

“It was amazing – the perfect occasion to meet the largest group of like-minded people in IT. I can’t wait for 2019!” – Martha D.

“ Ghana Tech Summit was awesome! Wish it was happening weekly over and over again!” – Eunice A.

The Summit is now looking forward to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit with young, innovative and creative people who have a passion for learning and for being successful. Thus, Ghana Tech Summit has become a predominant annual gathering that provides emerging entrepreneurs with exceptional networking, insight, and many other opportunities. 

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