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I will defeat Agalga in the upcoming elections- Maurice James Abakisi

by The Ghana HIT

NPP’s Parliamentary candidate for Builsa North Constituency, Maurice James Abakisi is certain to emerge victorious in the upcoming elections. During an interview with some journalists in Sandema over the weekend, he insisted that he will acquire more than 65% of the total votes, unlike his opponent who only wants 65%.

Maurice James said, “he has predicted 65% and that is for him but I am sure of getting even 100% or any score that will get me a distinction. I have lived with people all my life. Educated and worked here and the people know what we have done and how we have carried ourselves growing up here”.

Maurice James Abakisi is hoping to be the second M.P from the NPP to emerge victorious for the second time since 2004. According to the track record of NPP and Abakisi’s contribution, he believes that people elect him.

“The government has delivered key policies such as the Free SHS, Planting for Food and Jobs, NHIS among others hence the people who are benefiting from the delivery of the government will vote for us”, he added.

Stating his goal if he is elected in December, he revealed that providing quality water for the people, education, and creating a job will be his major focus. However, this candidate is not happy with the campaign strategy of his competitor, James Agalga.

“I heard my opponent telling some people somewhere that when late Professor Mills died the NDC won the 2012 elections and now that Rawlings is dead it means they will win the 2020 elections. How can you say this? Do most people die before we win elections? We must tell people what we have done and what we shall do if given the mandate”, he stressed.

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