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Mahama promises free healthcare if elected

by The Ghana HIT

NDC presidential candidate John Mahama has promised to provide free healthcare if he is elected in the December polls. Mahama was speaking during the inauguration of Prof. Jane Naana Agyemang who us his running mate.

In his speech, Mahama noted that: “Ladies and gentlemen, as a social democratic party, we seek to harness the best qualities in all our people to transform the destiny of our nation. In that direction, and as the fulcrum around which our health policy will evolve, we will before the end of 2021, introduce and begin the implementation of a Free Primary Health Care Plan.

“This will make the provision of primary health care to all Ghanaians, young and elderly, free. Our free health care plan will guarantee a healthy people and provide a healthy workforce needed to accelerate our development.”

Mahama added that during his first term in office he took huge steps in developing the healthcare infrastructure. According to him: “without creating and consolidating a developed infrastructure, no nation can resist global shocks. Just imagine for a second how Ghana would have been without the University of Ghana Medical Centre and the Ga East District Hospital as the number of COVID-19 cases keeps rising.

“The speed of building and consolidating our infrastructure has slowed down because the current government is largely ignoring the infrastructural buffers that build resilience in the face of misfortune. The NDC believes in Ghana’s future and will address the issues that affect you, each and every one of us”, he concluded.

Mahama is facing off in the December polls with his biggest rival Akufo-Addo who is also the current president. The two have been campaigning against each other on what the other has not achieved. Addo has been blaming Mahama for huge corruption during his time as president while Mahama thinks that the current government is not development-oriented.

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