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The Exceptional and Magical Nzulezu Stilt Village

by The Ghana HIT

The Nzulezu stilt village is well-known as the village of water. It is situated near the coast of the Western Region of Ghana, ninety kilometers west of Takoradi. Nzulezu is a unique and magical tourists’ destination in Ghana. The Nzulezu village is among the Amasuri swamplands constructed on a pole in the Tandane Lake.

It is the biggest inland swamp forest in Ghana. The swamp is home to several animals such as crocodiles, monkeys, fishes, and marine turtles. The village signifies a beautiful relationship between man and the environment. There are other significant tourist’s attractions around this place, such as the Kwame Nkrumah’s childhood and the Ankasa forest reserve; therefore, you can make arrangements to visit them too.

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It is only seven hours from the capital city of Ghana to Nzulezu village. Most tourists usually have an amazing time at this place while others claim that Accra’s long-distance is not worth the experience. Touring Nzulezu village can be perfectly arranged as a day trip. Tourists staying at one of the Western region beaches, the Busua or the Axim beach, find it convenient to access this magical place. Generally, it is cheap and convenient to visit these places when residing in the western region.

The village life is adapted to the unique environmental conditions and other proceedings like preparing traditional dishes such as fufu, worship, baptism, burials, and education, which are done on the lake. The villagers believe that the lake prevents any form of disaster like fire outbreaks. Thursday is a holy day dedicated to going to the lake; the villagers do not involve themselves in tiring activities.

Verbal history reveals that the Nzulezu village was built 500 years ago by Walata immigrants. The ancestors were directed to this exceptional village by a snail. The Villagers see snails as a charm, and they adore them so much. Ganvie people from the Benin republic are the only people who live in this village.

The village has a population of around 600 people. The residents mainly rely on fishing, farming, and brewing of local gin. Chiefs and elders are the rulers of these communities; they also draft the rules to govern the people and guide conduct in the village. The Nzulezo community is very conservative and does not allow intermarriages with other communities.

Field Trip - Nzulezu Stilt Village

Tourism activities in this village started in 2000 and this significantly contributed to the development of this region. Several infrastructural advancements intended for tourism growth have so far been accomplished. The infrastructures include 1.4 kilometers canal from Beyin to Nzulezo, 140 metres wooden pathway from the main road to the landing bay, grassed banks, and a cemented landing bay of granite stones.

Tourists enjoy a one-hour foxhole canoe trip from the Beyin visitors centre to Nzulezu, passing via unspoiled series of marshes, swamp forest, and open pools full of wildlife such as egret, herons, kingfishers, and crocodiles. The Nzulezu village had been chosen as a significant Bird region by Birdlife International.

Nzulezu village is a long dock known as Main Street by most locals. There are structures constructed on both sides, carrying businesses, schools, community centers, and commercial schemes. The other side of this street has their residing homes.

There are several accommodations in this place where tourists can spend their nights in case it gets late while at this place. Although the rooms are not modern, they are well maintained and suitable for all visitors.
Although the Nzulezo Stilt village has no power supply, there are enough television poles connected to most residents of this village. There are enough car batteries that supply power in this village. Flashlight, Lantern, and rechargeable lamps are their source of light during the night or while moving around the village. What shocks tourists about the people of Nzulezu is how they perform their daily activities as if they don’t stay on Stilts.

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