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The Fascinating Tourists attractions on the Upper East Region

by The Ghana HIT

The Upper East Region is an exceptional tourist destination that has various exciting and remarkable attractions. Tongo hills is an essential Scenery in the Upper Eastern Region of Ghana. The hills are perfectly suited to allow tourists experience the scenery and Ghanaian culture. Visiting this place gives you a memorable experience.

The Tongo region has a supernatural sensation. Most people begin exploring this place at the Tengzug village, where they get a chance of climbing onto the roof of the chief palace. On the rooftop, you can observe the village from a better view and get to see how amazing it is. The region has several shrines of different designs, which appropriately fit into the neighboring landscape.

The trail leading to the big main shrine of Tengzug leads visitors out of the village into a rocky landscape. Tourists pass several independent homesteads and other scattered shrines before arriving at the rocky Scenery. In the Rock area, tourists enjoy excellent views of the large landscape with its minor settlement and green scenery with a few trees.
The Tengzug Shrine is among the significant tourists attractions in this region. The Shrine is typically a huge crack, and when you finally reach there, you meet a priest who stays here and is willing to welcome all the visitors to this place. The priest narrates everything related to the place and all meanings.

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Initially, the shrine was used as a hideaway for slaves escaping their abductors. People currently use the shrine to request help from the gods; however, they can’t ask for help without paying an offering according to the degree of favour they want from the Gods. In most cases, when people need a minor favour, offer a chicken demonstrated by the many bones heaped at the shrine, while the people who want big favours from the gods offer large sacrifices like cows.

According to the Talensis people, it is a taboo to observe this ritual when wearing your top. Tourists visit this place in the company of well-trained guides who guides them in removing their tops and observing the sacrifice of birds and chickens. It is also a taboo to take pictures from this sacred place.

The Community of Talensis believes that the large inhabitant ethnic group of the departed ancestors live in the Tongo Hills. The sacrifices signify an honour to their ancestors and create the superior respect that this place has achieved.

While at the Shrine, tourists experience a Scenic view of the region and the strange world of the Tongo Hills. This region attracts both religious visitors and tourists. It is a distinctive dry Scenery with huge Baobab trees and rocks. The Tongo Hills cover an area of twenty square km, it has a rich history, religious importance and offers fantastic hiking opportunities.

Another tourist’s attraction feature in this region is the Whispering rocks named because of the November and December Harmattan winds blow through the rocks in such a manner that weird whispering sounds rise.
There are several classic Talensis homes renovated by the local communities near the shrines. The homes are designed like cylinders and clustered into neighbourhoods; inside the houses, there are small doorways and a short wall that protects them. The homes feature several holes for smoke to leave the structure, a door, and an entirely closed off to the outside world.

The Tongo Hills offers an excellent opportunity for tourists to learn and explore the culture of this place. Some tourists participate in one of the exciting festivals, such as the Golob Festival held by the Talensi community in March. The festival is made for the sowing of the fields. The Bo’araam Festival is celebrated in October and November; it involves drinking traditional beer and the sacrifice of donkeys, goats, and fowl.

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