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The Fascinating Accra Zoo is Worth a Visit

by The Ghana HIT

The Accra Zoo is a famous tourist’s destination in Ghana that has educated many local and international tourists about the tropical animals in Ghana. Most of the tourists here are pupils and students from various institutions eager to learn about tropical animals.

The Accra Zoo is situated at the heart of the Achimota forest. The Achimota Zoo is only accessed via the main entrance, right opposite the Achimota Branch of the Forestry Commission. There is a small office at the entry point of the Forestry Commission where tourists can purchase their tickets in case, they want to use any section of the forest for their specific activities.

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The Accra Zoo is only thirty minutes’ walk and five minutes drive from the main gate of the forest. A rough, sandy road leads tourists to the Accra Zoo; it is a clearing within the woody forest of trees. Tourists can easily spot some geese and ducks wandering freely.

The Accra Zoological Garden was established in 1961 by Dr Kwame Nkrumah behind today’s seat of government, the Flagstaff House. The plan of setting up this zoo was to entertain Kwame’s visitors. The late Kwame Nkrumah started it as a private Zoo, but it was later opened up to the general public after overthrowing the government.

The Accra Zoo is home to more than 150 distinct species of animals on show. The animals are well-nourished, healthy and comfortable in this environment. The company of well trained, well-mannered, knowledgeable, welcoming, and patient guides make the visit to Accra Zoo an epic and memorable experience.

The Accra Zoo has a well-trained staff who actively participates in maintaining this famous Zoo. Over the years, the management and staff have been confiscating and saving the orphaned monkeys, specifically the vanishing White-naped Mangabey and the seriously vanishing Rolaway Monkey.

Several monkeys and gorillas were confiscated from the pet trade market, while others were carried from the European Zoos under the approval of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP). Occasionally, West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA) exchanges animals with other European Zoological assemblages to maintain genetic diversity and to maintain strong and healthy confined populations.

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, a white-naped mangabey was born. This greatly motivated the Zoo’s management, staff, and WAPCA following the improving status of those vanishing species. Right now, the WAPCA has a total of 17 animals; three adult males, six adult females, two semi-adults’ males, five juvenile White-naped Mangabey, and one adult male, Rolaway Monkey.

Tortoise, rabbits, a duiker, an ostrich, an emu, a hyena, warthogs, reindeer, donkey, jackal, crocodiles, snakes are the essential wild animals that exist in the Accra Zoo. There is a birdcage within this Zoo where you can find birds of various species such as African Grey parrots, Senegal Parrots, Macaws, a crane and many other birds. Most tourists enjoy interacting with the birds because they are very colourful and have an interesting reaction towards human beings. Capturing these moments makes the visit more memorable.

Meeting a Lion and lioness is among the key highlights of the Accra Zoo visit. The lions are detained with double and reinforced mesh to ensure that all the tourists are protected from these dangerous wild animals. The lions’ pen is situated a few meters from the main Zoo, and therefore visiting there is like a surprise package.

Tourists are given a chance of holding and intermingling with the submissive and non-venomous royal python. Besides, they can take some photos with the pythons around their necks or arms.

The Accra Zoo has played a significant role in linking the general population with wildlife and educating people about animals and how they behave. Recently, many people have been educated on keeping and maintaining various wild animal species from getting nonexistent. The Accra Zoo Gardens in Ghana should be your next holiday destination if you like exploring nature.

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