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The Impact of Globalization on Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Tourism and Globalization rely on each other. Globalization allows people from various parts of the world to freely interact with each other regardless of their cultural, economic, and political settings. Language, religion, and cultural differences are no longer barriers to tourism development in Ghana since globalization facilitates the circulation of knowledge and mutual understanding among many people across the world.

In partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority, the government of Ghana appreciates the significance of tourism and its impact on the tourism industry. Ghanaian borders are open to all investors in the world, and the country has registered for various international fairs to allow the free flow of goods within all its regions.

Social media has made it easy for potential tourists and business people to acquire information about different destinations and markets in Ghana, consequently helping the growth of globalization and the tourism industry. Affordable accommodation options have greatly increased across many regions in Ghana in order to accommodate the growing number of international visitors.

1. Easier Movement Across Ghana

Movement across many parts of the world is now easier due to Globalization. The tourism industry is benefiting since tourists can easily move from one corner of the world to another. The development in the transportation sector has greatly contributed to international mobility. Many Ghana destinations now offer affordable flights to cater to all types of travelers regardless of their budget.

Changing currencies is also easier compared to ancient days since international credit card companies are in many parts of the world. Modern aircraft, cruise ships, trains, and other modes of transport allow people to move quickly and relatively cheaply. Fast trains, improved road systems, and city bike rental programs enable visitors to move, tour, and explore Ghana. These changes have motivated more people to travel more often in less time.

The improved mobility has helped tourists overcome fear, frustration, and expense. For example, an international banking system allows access to money almost anywhere in the world. Multinational corporations, which provide flights, local transportation, accommodation, and food, have allowed for “one-stop shopping” for travel bookings.

Additionally, Mobile devices have influenced the nature of travel in terms of what tourists do and how they interact with a destination, making it easier to, for example, choose a restaurant, explore a big city, or translate a foreign language. As a result, most of Ghana’s tourist attractions normally receive a significant number of tourists each year.

2. Improved Communication and information flow

Globalization has made communication easier, and tourists can now acquire information easily. Adventurers can now discover hidden destinations in Ghana and learn about the various cultures before making any decision. The increased information circulation motivates many people to travel often since they can easily access the desired information concerning their destination.

Increased Awareness of New DestinationsGlobalization makes tourists more aware of the new destinations in Ghana, ranging from leisure activities and beautiful sites to historical and cultural sites to explore when in Ghana. Tourism marketers in Ghana focus on generating sufficient knowledge concerning the destination as their first step. Successful marketing is achieved by way of travel shows, films, social media, and other forms of communication. The competition to attract visitors is high considering the available number of places available for travel; it can be easy for tourists to get confused about which sites to visit.

3. Culture exchange

The richness of a given culture determines whether or not visitors will be attracted to it. Globalization stimulates cultural exchange when people come together. It is advisable only to adopt useful beliefs and avoid losing your culture since it can easily kill the tourism sector.

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