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A Vibrant Lineup of Events for 2023 December Holidays

by The Ghana HIT

Each year, the Year of Return normally organizes a series of events to spice up the holiday. These events are meant to keep visitors busy and entertained during their vacations in Ghana. ‘December in Gh’ is a slogan that was adopted to motivate visitors, especially Africans living on other continents, to visit Ghana. Statistics indicate that Ghana has been receiving a significant number of tourists over the recent years.

The vibrant lineup of events include;

1. Art After Dark Ghana

Art After Dark offers a platform for artists to showcase their work while attendees immerse themselves in a dynamic blend of performances, discussions, music, and cultural activities. This event aims to engage a diverse audience passionate about interactive art experiences in a lively and festive atmosphere.

2. Anwamoo Festival

The Anwamoo Festival is a lively social gathering centered around the preparation and enjoyment of our indigenous rice delicacy, anwamoo. Beyond the culinary delights, this event fosters social bonds and unity and promotes local cuisine as part of the ‘Eat Ghana’ movement. It’s also an excellent networking opportunity to share business insights and highlight local brands.

3. Gold Statement

This event combines a conference, workshop, and exhibition celebrating the exceptional craftsmanship in Ghanaian handmade jewelry. The festivities culminate in a Gala Night featuring a stunning jewelry catwalk/runway show.

4. The Youth Festival

The Youth Festival is Geared towards young Africans aged 15-35; this festival aims to harness their interest in arts, music, and technology to propel entrepreneurial ambitions and prepare them for the evolving job market. Participants will also delve into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries, fostering entrepreneurship and providing networking opportunities with local and international businesses. Additionally, grants will be awarded to 10 standout individuals with innovative entrepreneurial ideas or businesses leveraging technology.

5. EarlyFest – Early Childhood Education Festival

EarlyFest brings together voices from Africa and the Diaspora to discuss the global impact of education in the early years of a child’s life. The event serves as a platform for early childhood education professionals and stakeholders to collaborate, network, and devise solutions to sector challenges. It also honors key figures who have made significant contributions to the field, bringing together various stakeholders such as educators, parents, school administrators, NGOs, and government agencies.

6. YouTube Creators Festival Ghana

The YouTube Creators Festival is a three-day convention designed to unite content creators from the region, fostering engagement, education, and inspiration within the global YouTube community. The event, in its third edition, features presentations, panel discussions, performances, and other interactive activities. It culminates in the Creators Awards Night & Concert, recognizing influential content creators in Ghana.

7. I Cry Accra

“I Cry Accra” is a theatrical performance set in contemporary Accra, offering poignant reflections and commentaries on the capital city. Presented by the voices of Ehalakasa, who intimately understands the city’s complexities, the performance promises to be an unforgettable experience.

8. African Business Opportunities Forum & Expo

This annual event brings together thousands of business stakeholders from Africa and beyond to explore, network, and tap into the abundant business opportunities within the continent and under the AfCFTA umbrella. Attendees can learn, connect, and gain insights from exhibition stands set up by Ghanaian government agencies, African country embassies, business exhibitors, and distinguished speakers.

9. African Legends Night

This high-profile musical concert pays tribute to living African music legends. Over the years, esteemed artists such as Hugh Masekela, Femi Kuti, Amakye Dede, Awilo Longomba, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka have graced the stage. The event not only offers fans an intimate musical experience but also serves as a platform for brand interaction and networking opportunities, drawing crowds of over 1000 people.

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