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The importance of Tourism to Ghana.

by The Ghana HIT

Tourism is very significant to the success of various economies around the Globe. Ghana is among the nations that benefit from tourist activities. The various tourist attractions in Ghana, ranging from parks to museums to beaches and lakes, attract many visitors.

The actual benefits of tourism result from its nature and the way it is defined or structured. Tourism stimulates the growth and development of Ghana and the building of its brand value image. Furthermore, it enhances the economy’s revenue, generates jobs in various sectors, stimulates the development of the infrastructures of a country, and motivates cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. The main benefits include:

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Employment is the primary benefit of tourism to any host nation or community. Tourism is a commercial activity because the entire process includes the consumption of both services and products. Tourism in Ghana results in the creation of both skilled and unskilled employment to people in various sectors that work hand in hand with the tourism sector. The tourism sector, agricultural sector, communication sector, health sector, and educational sector greatly benefit from jobs. Tourists travel for different reasons such as relaxing and basking at the beaches, learning the culture and history, and therefore determining which sector will benefit from employment. Various tourists travel to experience Ghana’s country’s culture or traditions, and therefore the local community seriously benefits from this. Hotels, Local restaurants, shopping centers, stores also benefit from tourism.

Improved Living Standards

When tourists visit Ghana, they usually pay for the services they get from the host community. The money made from tourism activities is deposited into the economy, and therefore these results in better living conditions and standards for the citizens of this country.

Better Infrastructure

A government that acquires a more significant percentage of its revenues from tourism also invests a lot in their infrastructures in order to attract more tourists. Improving the infrastructure of Ghana means that the country becomes safer for tourists. Advanced infrastructure and facilities motivate potential tourists to visit. The Ghanaian government invests in tourism by constructing modern roads and highways, developing parks, improving public places, and building good hospitals and schools. Better infrastructures grant the local people a chance of improving their source incomes because of the smooth flow of goods and services. The extra revenues that come into a community also benefit the government. Improved facilities attract more tourists.

Preservation of Culture

Tourism comes with various cultural benefits. A culture is a form of identity to many local communities and tribes. The Cultural diversity among the different tribes of Ghana indicates the uniqueness of each tribe and helps locals preserve their traditions and the ancient ways of doing things. The local citizens exchange their cultures with the tourists. Cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, conferences commonly attract many tourists. The people who plan such events usually get some income from registration fees, gift sales, display spaces, and sales of media copyrights. Most tourists who attend cultural events bring a lot of diversity and cultural enrichment to the hosting nation. The Foreigners get a chance of learning new cultures from the locals. Besides, the young entrepreneurs get a chance to introduce new products and services.

Besides boosting the economy of Ghana, tourism enables the country to acquire another source of income. Having an additional source of income serves as an insurance cover, whereby financial pressure cannot distract the traditional industries. Additional incomes sources generate more support for the development and growth of Ghana.
Tourism is a vital sector in many nations because of the several benefits that it offers. Choosing a good tourism brand ambassador for your country motivates many tourists to visit your country. When tourists from different countries visit Ghana, their perception determines the benefits and advantages the country will reap.

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