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The Perfect Destinations in Ghana for Solo Tourists

by The Ghana HIT

Solo trips help people discover many things, including talents, hobbies, and passions. They learn what they like doing, especially when alone, and how to handle different situations. Traveling alone is interesting, especially for people who enjoy being alone. Solo trips expose you to Ghana’s varied cultures and rich history. It is an amazing opportunity to bask on the sandy beaches and enjoy the great tropical climate. Also, solo trips offer time to relax, meditate, reset, and clear your mind.

1. Cape Three Point

Cape Three Points is a small area in the Western Region of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Three points are associated with the slave history. It was a former European colonial capital and one of Ghana’s most culturally significant spots. It is one of the perfect places to visit on a solo vacation in Ghana. Exploring Cape Three-point involves touring the entire Cape Coast town.

2. Nzulezu Ghana.

It is one of the most unique and gorgeous places in Ghana. Nzulezu means a surface of water in English. It is a famous spot that receives attention from various people in Ghana since the residents claim their gods instructed them to settle here. The homesteads are constructed on top of a lagoon, and all houses are placed on stilts.

On a solo vacation in Ghana, you should consider visiting Nzulezu to experience the residents’ creativity and livelihood. Visitors get a chance to spend quality time in the hotels built on top of the lagoon. They sell quality dishes, particularly Ghanaian cuisine. Nzulezu village is more of a jungle spot and a home to experience new things.

3. The Newmont mining site.

It is a beautiful mining site that does not receive a large number of tourists. Newmont is the best destination for anyone who enjoys solo trips. It is a stunning spot situated in the Ahafo region of Ghana. Generally, you should acquire a guide to take you to this mining site. It is less crowded since it does not receive tourists.

4. Labadi

Labadi Beach is in La, popularly known as Labadi, near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. This is the best beach to visit as a solo traveler. Labadi Beach is famously known as La Pleasure Beach. It is a busy beach on Ghana’s coast. Labadi is one of Accra’s beaches maintained by the local hotels. If you are not staying within Labadi Resort, you must pay an entrance fee to access the premises. During holidays and weekends, the management invites reggae, hiplife, and playback artists to entertain visitors. Additionally, visitors enjoy cultural drumming and dancing.

Labadi Beach is known for its wellness services, such as Gym and spa. Tourists within this resort normally enjoy morning workouts and other interesting leisure activities.

5. Accra City

It is among the safest cities for solo travelers in Ghana. Accra is popularly known for its wide range of accommodation and other luxurious tourist facilities. It is the capital and largest city in Ghana, with a population of more than four million in the metropolitan area. Accra is a perfect place, especially if you enjoy parting and having a good time.

6. Jame Fort

James Fort is a key tourist attraction site in Accra in Jamestown’s suburbs. It served as a slave prison during the colonial times. It was recently declared a museum after serving as a prison for a long time. It has one of the strongest and oldest buildings that have stood the test of time. The dungeons reveal the nature of slavery during the colonial days.

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