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The Reasons to Visit the Shai Hills in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The Shai Hills is a few kilometers from greater Accra City. It is approximately sixty minutes from Accra to Shai Hills. Shai Hills is situated to the north of Accra, and it borders Akosombo road. It is one of the Prominent wildlife viewing regions in Accra and among Ghana’s most easily accessible areas.

Shai Hills is a fenced area; it covers around 48km2 and is mainly composed of savanna-covered grasslands. A montage of forest covers the five distinct hills in reserve, whereas savanna and low dry forests are found in dominant valleys. It is a home to various wild animals such as reptiles, multiple birds species, and mammals. Although the monkey troop at the front gate are very hilarious, they can be very dangerous to human beings, and therefore you should be cautious before interacting with them. It is monkeys’ nature to grab tourists’ stuff.

You can hire a private vehicle, use public means of transport, or even walk in the company of well-armed guides from Accra to this place. The reserve usually is open from 6.00 am to 5.00 pm each day. Various quality accommodations are available; they are contented and suitable for an early morning arrival to the reserve. In case you want to tour the site in the early hours, it is good to book accommodation or if you’re going to spend more time in this fantastic environment.

Early morning is the ideal time to visit the reserve if you are interested in seeing the wildlife, especially baboons and birds. Additionally, tourists can spot monkeys and kob antelope during early morning visits; most of the monkeys in these reserves are not familiarized like other monkey sanctuaries in Ghana.
Besides exploring the incredible beauty of this reserve and its wonderful views, tourists can also enjoy visiting the Obonu tem and Se yo caves on the Hioweyo and Sayu hills which are around this place.

The ancestral caves of the Shai people were very significant to all the Shai King. All the kings used these caves up to the end of the 19th century. The main cave had many stone rocks, a tunnel resembling an opening, and extensions; therefore, it was secure during wars. Tourists can spend exploring the cool, dry evergreen forest at the caves to see the remnants of old Shai settlements in reserve. It is one of the most exciting adventures in Ghana. The cave is home to the loud bat colony; tourists also enjoy seeing the bats.

The Dodowa village borders the Shai hills, and therefore tourists can go for a fantastic forest hike to the fetish shrine and the Tsenku waterfalls, which is 250ft high. The British army defeated the Ashanti warriors on 7th August 1826 at the Dodowa forest; it is a significant area to the Ashanti people because the defeat marked the end of Ashanti power in Ghana.

Most tourists who like Ghanaian culture visit the Shai Hills to attend the Dipo fertility festival. This festival is usually held between March and May, and it attracts a large number of people. In July 2011, around one hundred soldiers from the United States were received at the locals’ Shai Hills and The Dodowa Forest. This was amazing cultural event was sponsored by the Ghana Armed Forces for the United States service members who were devoted to their GAF counterparts in the joint charitable assistance event known as MEDFLAG 11. Nene Teye Kwesi Agyeman, the chief of the Shai People and other tribal elders and traditional healers, Received the U.S Soldiers at the historic Dodowa Forest.

Tourists can visit the Reserve any time of the year, but the best time to travel here is during the dry season, but it is not easy to explore the region during the rainy season. The main things that tourists do during their visit include hiking, rock climbing, game viewing, and cave exploration.

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