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The Top Harvest Festivals in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is known for its incredible history and culture; it is their norm to hold celebrations according to seasons. Ghanaians celebrate approximately seventy festivals, but only a few festivals are famous. Although there is a couple of festivals that attract many people across the world, most celebrations only involve small communities and villages. Great Harvest season is the most common type of festival in Ghana, while other festivals include safe migration sacrifice to the gods, among other festivals.

Homowo Festivals

Homowo is a famous festival celebrated by the Ga people in Accra city. It is among the most exciting ceremonies that attract many people from around the world every August. This is the leading harvest festival in Ghana these days. It commemorates a period of hunger that led to famine; when the rains finally came back, the Ga people created the Homowo festival. Reports indicate that the rains have never failed the Ga People again. Many tourists travel to see the chiefs of the Ga Community and sacrifice to their gods during the festival. You should add the Homowo to your bucket list.

Kundum Festival

It is a harvest celebration held by the Ahanta people. Kundum is an excellent festival in the Western region of Ghana that is worth experiencing. This festival is held between the month of August and November. There is a specific old-school-style mask that you would love to wear during the Kundum Festival. The Kundum festival started when a hunter went back home with a dance he learned from a group of dwarves, and therefore the festival has many dancing sections.


Ohum is a traditional harvest season celebrated by the Akuapems and Akyems people of the Eastern Region. This festival is either held in September or October, on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the month of the previous Ohumkan festival. A two-week ban on noise-making is imposed when people are waiting to celebrate this festival. During this two weeks festival, there were no activities related to noise without legal permission from the authority pertaining to the festival.
It is a thanksgiving service to God for Plenty of yam harvest and asking for his favors during the following season. Sometimes the Odwira festival and Ohun festival are held simultaneously, and therefore they are celebrated together.

Ada Kese Festival

It is among the biggest and most famous traditional festivals in Ghana. The Ashanti people and their chiefs typically celebrate this Festival. It is an important celebration, and during the festival, the Manhyia palace is open to all, and it acknowledges the achievement of the kingdom. It was first held of statehood of the people after the war that the Ashanti had their freedom. The Ashanti fought against the people of Denkyira. The purification ceremony of Odwira is performed at the burial shrines of ancestral spirits. This festival is held at the same time as the harvest season of Yam; therefore, the ritual was known as the ‘Yam custom’ during the European era. This festival is held after every forty-two days, and it marks the beginning of a new year for the Ashanti people.

Odwira Festival

Odwira Festival is celebrated in the Eastern region of Ghana. It is an annual festival that is held every September of the year. The festival acknowledges a historic victory over the Ashanti people in 1626. The young people enjoy attending this event.

Harvest festivals are enjoyable celebrations that involve thanksgiving following God’s abundant blessings. It is interesting to join the locals to celebrate these festivals; if you have never attended them, you can consider adding them to your bucket list these years. Generally, festivals are led by leaders or chiefs of a particular city or community or even the eldest generation within that region.

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