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How Ghanaian Tourism Promotes a Culture of Peace

by The Ghana HIT

Tourism is a key factor that helps in promoting the culture of peace across many regions in Ghana. Promoting tourism helps in advocating for peace and harmony around Ghana. Creating mutual understanding and social harmony are the top achievements of the tourism industry. Besides, the local community also benefits from job opportunities and improved infrastructure. Peace is a significant determinant of many operations and their success. When all the regions are peaceful, people are motivated to visit since it is more safe.

The tourism authority in Ghana has so far managed to cater to the diverse preferences of domestic and international tourists. Nature tourism, culture tourism, exotic tourism, and adventure tourism are the leading categories that attract a huge of tourists from various parts of the world. Statistics indicate that Ghana is a very welcoming nation that receives tourists with a lot of warmness; hence, most tourists visit this nation frequently since they leave the nation with happy memories. Nothing makes a better and more lasting impression on a tourist than courteous, friendly and helpful citizens.

Exploring one place to another for pleasure, experience, education and business is a key phenomenon. Tourism brings together people of different cultures and regions and promotes better mutual understanding. Ensure that tourists enjoy full and the host society benefits demands conditions of peace. Tourism is the world’s greatest peace movement and plays an important role in creating mutual understanding. So, it’s very important to promote tourism in Ghana to promote the larger goal of peace and harmony worldwide.

The cross-cultural interactions between people of various nations help in building better understanding and peaceful relationships. Generally, tourism promotes dialogue between people from different regions, strengthening cultural understanding and peace. A tourist purchasing a gift from the local markets in Ghana can stimulate good trade relationships. That develops mutual understanding and friendship among nations; hence, there exists dialogue between two nations. Thus, tourism promotes dialogue, peace and goodwill, has been a major contributor to international goodwill, and enriches friendship between nations.

Experiencing different ways of life, tasting new food, learning customs and exploring cultural sites motivates tourists to travel, and therefore, tourism has become an important source of revenue and job creation, particularly for developing counties in Ghana. Income from tourism is mainly redirected towards safeguarding tourist sites and even the revitalization of cultures. Ghana Tourism Authority has introduced ways of conducting tourism in harmony with the attributes and traditions of the host regions and with respect for their laws, practices and customs, making it beneficial for host countries and communities as well as for tourists.

Education has also played a key role in encouraging integration and incorporation among Ghanaian citizens. Ghana’s leadership has proposed Education as a catalyst for exchange between regions, cultures and sectors. Education has so far enhanced people’s lives by granting them the chance to eradicate their poverty-stricken lives and societies in exchange for a better future, which includes jobs and exchange opportunities.

Tourism is one of the most effective instruments that continue to tackle social and economic poverty and encourage a culture of peace among people. Tourism has greatly contributed to Ghana’s GDP and is a source of employment for many people, especially the young ones. Generally, the tourism sector records more than 30% of the countries’ GDP.

Tourism allows people to meet to understand each other’s differences and points of view and create the opportunity for communication, mutual understanding and peace.

The Ghana Tourism Authority, in coordination with the local society, ensures that many tourist destinations are safe and secure. Safety promotes peace among the people living there, and tourists are not afraid of visiting those areas.

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