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Why You Should Explore Northern Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful holiday with various exciting tourist sites; however, most tourists forget to explore some fascinating regions during their vacation in Ghana. The northern region of Ghana is a fantastic region to explore during your vacation in Ghana. The region has three major towns, Tamale, Bolgatanga, and Wa, to explore. The other exciting tourist sites in northern Ghana include the slave trade and marketing points, slave defense walls, hippo sanctuary, rural villages, Mole National Park, Sacred Crocodile Ponds, mud-brick catholic cathedral, and traditional mosques.

Some tourists are interested in exploring nature, while others history, therefore depending on their choice, they can begin with any site because there are no procedures. Additionally, the Northern region in Ghana is home to fascinating cultural diversity.

Most Tourists begin their holiday in northern Ghana by exploring the Tamale city, which is the heart of Northern Ghana. It is one of the fast-developing and growing towns in Ghana. The tourist sites have stimulated its growth; this city’s critical tourist attractions are traditional crafts, markets, mosques, and artist-run galleries. The Cultural performance of north Ghana is an exciting event that involves drumming and dance. Tourists can hire private vehicles so as to quickly explore all the sites in this city or even use a local trike.

Tourists enjoy village Life, a day in a traditional village is such an exciting and memorable experience in northern Ghana. You can participate in daily activities at a local home. The interesting things in the village include leather tannery, fabric weavers, and other local sites in the village.

One of the most famous kingdoms in northern Ghana is the Kingdom of Dagboon. History lovers will definitely enjoy going to the seat at the Kingdom of Dagbon in Yendi to tour the palace and interact with the tribal leaders and elders. Additionally, tourists visit the witch’s camp, which is the place for exiled women associated with witchcraft. The camp gladly receives any gifts and contributions from tourists and other locals.

The culture and the history of northern Ghana is so interesting and exciting to explore. Besides, it is excellent to visit the slave camps, mud-brick, adobe structures, revered spaces, distinct living compounds, and the crocodile ponds at Paga. The cultures of the northern people are so varied, so it is so fascinating to explore and learn it.
Safari tours in northern Ghana take place at the famous Mole national park. It is a wildlife and cultural experience that involves elephants and hippos. It is a driving day tour, a three- and four-day safari tour. Local chiefs established the Hippo sanctuary in 1999. The best time to tour this Sanctuary is November and March because, during the rainy season, it is so difficult to spot the hippo. The key activities in this hippo sanctuary include bird-watching, river safaris, nature walks, and village tours.

The Slave Defense walls are also a key tourist attraction site. There are only two remaining Slave Defense Walls; they are historical monuments in Gwollu ton which reminds Ghanaians of the slave trade in hinterlands. The walls are double-ringed, and the thinner wall protected the homes in the community while the second outer wall encircled their farms and water sources. The community constructed the walls willingly; the construction was done using simple, firm mud and grass bricks. There are triangle spaces that were left on the walls to serve as viewpoints. According to the locals, each wall was constructed within two to three years.

The walls are not easily accessible due to the poor infrastructure in this area and its remoteness. The shortest path is from Navrongo to Tumu to Gwollu, approximately four or five hours drive. There are quality hotels where tourists can spend their night during their tour in northern Ghana. Most of the accommodations are luxurious and can offer some fantastic views of this beautiful region. The hotels feature modern equipment such as ultra-modern swimming pools, fast internet connections, and fully-equipped private bathrooms.

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