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Why you should plan to go Surfing in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a fantastic place in west Africa with a long coastline and top-notch surf waves. It is famous for its sandy white beaches and stunning blue skies. Most tourists travel to experience the natural treasures in Ghana. Ghana has a fantastic climate and weather due to its proximity to the equator; it’s mainly warm and lovely throughout the year.

Ghana normally receives incessant ocean waves from the Southern Hemisphere. There are various Surf sites for all types of Surfers, both beginners, and experts. The small of people who go surfing on these sites motivate beginners who don’t like being seen learning. If you are looking for the best-surfing sites that will make your experience so memorable, then look no more. The best-surfing sites in Ghana include:


Kokrobite is a well-known beach for surfing in Accra, Ghana. The worldwide Surf Day Contest is generally conducted on this beach, and different people from every continent attend. The are various surf institutions around this beach where local tutors offer several surf courses. A famous surf instructor by the name of Mr. Bright is ever available to offer lessons any time of the day. Sunrise is the best time to go out surfing because the waves are gentle and transparent.


Busua is among the most famous surfing beaches in Ghana with clear blue waters. It is an ideal destination for all beginners because of the uninterrupted waves from all directions. The waters are not deep and are very clear; therefore, this motivates many learners to choose this beach because Harsh waves are not favorable to beginners. If you are an expert in surfing and looking for rough waves, you can surf where the tide is known as Black Mamba, which is 20-minutes from the beach. There are several surfing schools, guesthouses, and restaurants situated around this beach.

Dixcove Point

7 Best Spots For Surfing In Ghana For Amateurs & Experts

Dixcove point is a small fishing site near Busua. It offers waves for both beginners and experts. The waves are usually regular, and the point break goes in the right direction. The waves go to around 150 m over the dry season and 300m during the rainy season. The break is around 5-minutes from this point.


Tills is a very quiet and excellent surfing site. The beach is very clean and less crowded with big harsh waves. There are no surf institutions on this beach, neither is there anybody offering any surfing lessons. It is advisable to be skilled and ready for waves before choosing this spot; otherwise, just go to the other points. In case you don’t have a board, you can rent from the nearest beaches. The till resort is the only place to get meals because there are no hotels and inns on this site.

Cape Three Points

Cape Three Points is around six hours from Accra, and it is an ideal surfing site. There are various surfers and surf schools in this place. The waves are big and around 100m with the best surf breaks. The beach right in front of the best surf break has white sand.


Achenim has steady waves, which are very soft and perfect for learners. There are no surf schools around this place; therefore, it’s advisable to carry your board. It is a calm environment with a clean break.


Muuston beach has harsh waves, and therefore it is mainly for advanced and expert surfers. There is a scarce surf institution, and only a few lessons are held in this area. It is assumed that you are an expert when you go surfing on this beach on your own. In case you want to portray your surfing skills, then this is the ideal place to go. This beach has few people because most tourists do not mainly go there because of its location.

You can go surfing in Ghana at any time of the year because the water temperature never goes below 24-25 degrees Celsius, even during winter. The peak season is between April and August, whereby the waves are always good.

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