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The reasons you should visit the Legon Botanical Gardens

by The Ghana HIT

Legon Botanical Gardens were established in 1948, and they cover approximately 49 hectares. These Gardens are part of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International. The calm environment and weather are a significant advantage to all people who like relaxing and pondering in a peaceful place. Legon Botanical Gardens are commonly known as Accra’s paradise because they are among the fascinating places that every tourist wants to visit whenever in Accra.

Legon Botanical Gardens are situated at the University of Ghana, and it is among the recreational parks in Ghana. The Legon Botanical Gardens were constructed to serve as an educational and a research center, but today it also serves as a commercial center. Up to date, it is a famous laboratory for the botany and zoology departments of the University of Ghana. It is only 45 minutes from the central business district of Ghana to these gardens.

It is a scenic and excellent place where you can enjoy picnics and traditional events such as biking and bird watching. You can explore the gardens by either walking or even cycling. If you choose to cycle, you can rent a bike and ride around the various bike paths. The people who love birds and butterflies get a chance to see various Butterflies and bird species at the Legon Botanical Gardens. The garden also houses squirrels and lizards. It is among the tourist attraction sites that have recorded the highest number of tourists since 2017.

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Tourists participate in some amazing activities offered in these gardens, such as walking along a pathway of a 153-meter-long canopy. The canopy pathway was introduced in 2017 and is among the significant tourist attractions in these gardens. The pathway incorporated a Cargo net supported by aluminum and wooden ladders and strengthened with timbers. You will attain an amazing view of both plants and animals at the height of 13 m.

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The Vaughan dam offers fantastic canoe riding sessions to all visitors who like experiencing water adventures. Canoe riding is available from Fridays to Sundays and during public holidays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You should book this session in advance. The dam has an outlet that links to other rivers and flows to the Atlantic Sea. The freshwater that flows into this dam is from the Legon mountains. Besides, the dam has several types of fish, such as tilapia, mudfish, among other small fishes.

Children normally get a chance to play and enjoy themselves at the playground. The playground was the first feature to be constructed in these gardens. It is very wide, and it occupies around 2000 sq meters. The field features some high-quality Zip Lines, Birds Nest Swings, Rides, revolving Merry-Go-Round, and several other classic play components.

A high rope course is also offered in this garden. The course offers a total of 52 games equally distributed between the junior and the higher levels. The high-rope course was established towards the end of 2016, and a good number of people have enrolled it.

Legon Botanical Gardens allow most tourists to learn about plants, the environment, and nature-related to its setting and people. Additionally, tourists learn about the significance of trees in life. Legon Botanical Gardens grants tourists the chance to connect with nature and breaks the monotony from the hustle and other activities. It has both native and exotic trees internationally recognized. Ghana relies on the nursery and a greenhouse situated here for trees and plants. The common trees are cultivated here include medicinal plants, coffee trees, timber trees, shrubs, cocoa, timbers, and palms.

If you love energetic activities or just relaxing, then Legon Botanical Gardens in Ghana is the ideal destination. It is a place perfect for both young people and families. The entry charges for accessing this fascinating place usually start from 25GHc, and the activities fees are not included in entry fees.

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