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Why You Should Visit Ghana’s Longest Suspension Bridge, Adomi Bridge

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is one of the most beautiful nations in West Africa, with lots of fascinating tourist attractions. Although Ghana is well-known for its rich historical heritage and culture, there are other reasons why people travel to this west-African nation. Some go camping, others relax on the Ghanaian coast, while others explore nature.

Volta region is one of the key sites in Ghana, which receives a significant number of tourists. Most nature adventures travel to Ghana to explore this fascinating site. There are various attractions in the Volta region, including waterfalls, mountains, and rivers. Adomi Bridge is a major tourist attraction on this site which has captured the attention of many people over recent years.

Adomi Bridge is a fascinating steel arch bridge at Atimpoku in the Eastern region. It is the longest suspension bridge in the Volta region. It is not free to access the Adomi Bridge; therefore, visitors must pay an entry fee. The entrance fee generally ranges between 2 cedis to 5 cedis depending on whether you are a local citizen or a foreigner. You can always tip the guards whenever necessary since it motivates them. Besides, the Asuogyaman District Assembly, Ghana Tourism Development Company, and the Ghana Highway Authority came up with a rule that charges anyone taking photos on this bridge.

Exploring the Adomi Bridge is exciting because you can also engage in other activities besides sightseeing on the bridge. Some interesting activities you can participate in include rappelling and going on a boat cruise on the volti river, which is just under the bridge. You can also accompany the fishermen on the Volta River in fishing. To enjoy the boat cruise, you are required to pay 200 cedis for 30 minutes, and you will be given a tour around the volta river. You are accorded a discount if you pair with other people to form a group. Some people enjoy cruising alone, which is allowed if you pay the required charges.

The Adomi Bridge neighbors fascinating gardens, which encourage many tourists to stop by to have some fun and create lasting memories. People stop in this garden to get some food and drinks. Entrance to the garden is free, but for partaking in the activities, you will be asked to pay a certain amount depending on what activity you are going for.

This garden offers visitors some interesting activities, including weightlifting and arrow shooting. Accessing these activities when traveling as a group is cheap since the management allows you to pay a discounted amount. The garden is calm and peaceful; therefore, most people go to relax there before exploring other tourist attraction sites in the Volta region.

Apart from being a relaxation spot where tourists take refreshments, the garden is also home to several animal species. There are various snake species of tortoises, including an alligator. You can take some time to view all the different animals in this garden.

After exploring this bridge, you can go to Wli waterfalls to hike or swim. Hiking on the upper fall is more complicated compared to hiking on the lower falls. Hiking guarantees some fascinating views of the beautiful Volta region. If you enjoy swimming at the base of these waterfalls. Additionally, you can take some pictures while having some beautiful moments here.

It is never boring to visit this suspended bridge; most people claim the experience is quite fun and interesting. When visiting the Volta region, consider adding the Adomi Bridge to your bucket. You can start by visiting this bridge before going to explore the other tourist attraction sites.

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