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How Ghana has been fighting the problems facing the tourism industry

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has been implementing the right strategies to fight all the problems facing the tourism industry. These strategies motivate tourists to continue visiting Ghana. Most of these strategies enhance the country’s image and help boost tourism awareness. The major strategies include;

1. Using online Tools to Obtain Data

Google Analytics is one of the leading tools that most organizations rely on to obtain useful data concerning all their daily and potential clients. The data is based on their background, interests, demographics, and motivations. Using these tools, the Ghanaian tourism authority has been able to determine the most appealing tourist destinations, the most preferred accommodations, and the preferred mode of transport around Ghana, among many others, based on visitors’ views. This data helps the tourism industry come up with the perfect ways to reach out to visitors and make them comfortable choosing Ghana as their preferred destination. Besides, all the complaints about any destinations are taken care of by renovating these places to improve them.

2. Paying Attention to the target audience

This involves identifying the target visitors and coming up with the most suitable marketing strategies to reach them. The tourism authority of Ghana analyzes all the reasons why the target audience may want to visit and creates relevant strategies to encourage them to travel. The target audience may be students, families, lovers, young friends, or business travelers; therefore, all the unique demands must be addressed.
They also encourage locals and other citizens from neighboring countries to explore Ghana. Good infrastructure is a motivating factor for many locals and adventurers.

3. Develop Destination Apps and Websites

Most people spend most of their time online, so online presence matters these days. Most businesses in the tourism sector, including hotels and restaurants, have created websites and applications where they can showcase their products and encourage tourists to choose them. Most of these websites allow communication between the owners and visitors. Visitors are taken through virtual tours in case they want.

Apps and websites offer detailed information about the destination before they plan a trip. Most websites feature the best accommodation options, attraction sites, where to eat and drink, and where to shop, among other things. Most Ghanaian travel websites are responsive and mobile-friendly, with a blog section that provides engaging and interesting articles about Ghana.

4. Branding

Branding is used to make services unique and easily identifiable from other similar products. The primary goal of branding is to highlight the unique features of Ghana so that it is easily recognizable and stands out from others. Branding includes a logo, unique image, color scheme, or messaging.

5. Advertising the Main Attractions

Ghana has various attractions that make it more appealing to many tourists. Architectural landmarks, ancient ruins, heritage sites, castles, mountain hiking trails, ski slopes, secluded beaches, or holy temples raise interest among tourists. Advertising-these attractions through posting on relevant social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. The tourism authority of Ghana relies on advertisements to reach out to all potential tourists to travel to Ghana.

There are several slogans that the tourism department has developed to encourage people to visit Ghana. “December in Ghana” is one of the top slogans which motivate people to travel to Ghana during the December season.

By developing the right techniques that reflect your target audience’s demands, Ghana has convinced many tourists to travel to their country. Social media platforms have greatly contributed to the successful branding of Ghana, for instance, through sharing videos and pictures. Some of the leading hashtags used in branding include #experienceghana, #shareghana, and #visitghana, among many others.

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