Home Technology Ghanaian firm using Modern Technology to prevent theft.

Ghanaian firm using Modern Technology to prevent theft.

by The Ghana HIT

A firm in Ghana has adopted a new technology of using a mobile app to track anything within their environment. The company came up with this new technology led by Rufai.

While speaking during an interview, he said, “I came to Ghana in 2019 to work on something for a friend, and I was in the long run robbed of my items in possession. The thieves traced where I was living and caught up with me in the process. They inflicted some knife wounds on me and robbed me at gunpoint. It is by the grace of God I’m alive today.”

” Based on my experience, I decided to do something good for the public with the introduction of this security system. I designed and sampled a panel that took me about two years to come up with. The panel comes with a door sensor which can detect any entry of a person, and it comes with a siren, and everything I designed was made with wireless technology because the thieves can cut away the wires when trying to rob you.”

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