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The Significance of Arts, crafts, and Music in Culture

by The Ghana HIT

Arts, crafts, and music are expressions and applications of feelings, imagination, thoughts, and other human creativity. Culture is a way of expressing people’s beliefs. Music, art, and craft enhance memory, improve communication, assist physical rehabilitation, and allow people to express their feelings. Besides, it helps people manage stress and other personal problems. Ghana’s artistic works can be found in hotels, restaurants, theatres, and cultural festivals.

The three categories that can be represented have emotional value and can be presented in visual form. Arts, crafts, and music can be associated with particular cultures. Art involves painting, drawing, photography, architecture, labels, and decoration. Craft involves skill and experience in creating handmade tangible objects that fulfill a particular purpose. The main purpose of crafts is to decorate. For example, mats, woven baskets, embroidery, handbags, candles, jewelry, pottery, glasswork, and woodcarving.

Ghana has four types of music: traditional music, art music, secular music, and popular music. Traditional music involves religious and folk hymns. Popular music includes gospel, high life, hip, rage, and funk. Art music includes classical and jazz, and secular music include love song, protest song, dances, rock, blues, and disco. The act, craft, and culture in ancient music are different from contemporary music due to the influence of Western culture.

The use of culture in music tells a story, while Art gives attention to ideas, feelings, and visual qualities. Craft is a form of work involving the creation of physical objects by the use of hands and mind. There is a flow of emotion in art, which emerges from the heart and soul.

The music industry of Ghana recently held a music event to promote and enhance creativity among the locals. The Street Jamboree event was a celebration of music, culture, arts, and entertainment as the Street Jamboree. It was an exciting event that took place on July 1st, 2023. It was among the biggest street jams in Ghana, offering unforgettable experiences for attendees of all ages. Organized by Champs Hub Ghana in partnership with Champs Lounge, the Street Jamboree, to bring the big party to town.

The Street Jamboree involved an exciting lineup of live performances from some of Ghana’s most talented acts, including surprise guest appearances that are sure to leave the crowd thrilled and wanting more. The event also featured a dance competition, where dance groups battled it out for the chance to claim the title of the Street Jamboree Dance Champions.
Attendees had an immersive and vibrant experience, with a wide range of drinks and refreshments at Champs Lounge; the festivities were enjoyable and refreshing. Champs Lounge, known for its excellent service and dedication to customer satisfaction, offered a top-notch beverage experience for all attendees throughout the day.

The Street Jamboree’s main agenda was to unite the street in a celebration of dance, music, culture, arts, and entertainment. This event offered a platform for young talents, promoting Ghanaian creativity and diversity. This event attracted people from all parts of the country, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Ghana.
Artists’ performances influence people positively or negatively after listening to or watching. Though artists entertain the public most of them misuse arts, crafts, and culture without focusing on the role of acts crafts and culture play in music. Sometimes lyrics, arts, crafts, and culture are given different information.

The combination of arts, crafts, and culture in music is Sometimes confusing. A piece of art or craft has an intended meaning that provokes a person’s feelings and harms the brain. It has a limitless expression and endless interpretation, which depends on the person.

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