Home Politics Kennedy Agyapong says that Ghanaian Banks are not up to standards.

Kennedy Agyapong says that Ghanaian Banks are not up to standards.

by The Ghana HIT

The Assin Central MP has said that Ghanaian banks are so useless. According to Kennedy, the banks provide services that are below the expected standards. Speaking during an interview, Kennedy said that, instead of ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their services, the banks concentrate on the money being deposited.

Kennedy Agyapong shared his recent experience with bankers. He revealed that he received a payment cheque and therefore, he called his bankers to assist him. The bank responded by telling him, “the image is not clear” and they requested him to redeposit the cheque on Tuesday.

From his experience, Kennedy said that bankers only concentrate on ensuring their books are clear and on satisfying the customer’s needs. While speaking directly to the bankers, he said, “Listen, you are not the only wise people we have. You said the image is not clear but present it on Tuesday, why should I present something which is blurred on Tuesday?”

“Ghana Banks, I won’t take anyone out of it, they are all bogus. Yes! They bounced my cheque just because you want your balance to look good it is the end of the month. I don’t borrow from you. I don’t give damn about any bank. Had it not been for armed robbers, I would have saved my money in my room. You are such a useless entity.”

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